Fugitive Apprehension Raid Sweeps in Somerville Happening

Photos by William Tauro

By William Tauro

Somerville Police officers alongside with Northeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council officers (NEMLEC) conducted multiple fugitive apprehensive sweeps early Thursday morning in Somerville.

The raids accounted for the arrest of at least one fugitive from justice that was apprehended at Pickney Street in Somerville at 6:00am.

A second NEMLEC raid was conducted soon after at Mount Vernon Street at Lincoln in Somerville as well.

The Northeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council (NEMLEC) is a consortium of police departments in Middlesex and Essex Counties, and two County Sheriff’s Departments. Member agencies operate by sharing resources and personnel, collectively providing services to each other that might not be available to one. NEMLEC coordinates this sharing of personnel and resources to provide its member agencies with the ability to provide supplemental services to the 1.7 million people in the 925 square miles they serve.

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Photo:A fugitive being led out of his home in handcuffs on Pickney Street in Somerville

Photo:Second raid on Mount Vernon Street Somerville

One thought on “Fugitive Apprehension Raid Sweeps in Somerville Happening”

  1. Please look up the word ‘fugitive’.

    You need to have escaped custody to be a fugitive, or gone into hiding to avoid custody to be a fugitive.

    Someone in custody of the appropriate law enforcement agency is not a fugitive (“A fugitive being led out of his home … .”). They are a suspect, they are apprehended, or a similar descriptive phrase.

    Further, unless you have information otherwise herein unpublished, they weren’t a fugitive until the police attempted to execute the arrest warrant. Meaning the current headline is inaccurate at best and borderline libelous at worst

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