Joe Avati – 20th Anniversary Tour

There’s no mistaking Italian culture – their proud traditions are certainly something to be celebrated and that’s precisely what Joe Avati is doing. He is celebrating a magnificent milestone – 20 years in comedy.

Joe is not only a comedian – he is a world class all round entertainer. He’s performed to hundreds of thousands of fans all over the world in large theatres and stadiums. He proudly delivers a clean show -there is not one swear word to be heard on stage, which is considered a rarity in the comedy circles.

The 20th Anniversary tour will feature brand new material and follows Joe’s story – reflection of the first 20 years of his life growing up in an Italian family and the last 20 years of his career. Fans will be delighted to know that Joe will take to the stage for 90 minutes straight. Coupled with his spot-on delivery and down-to-earth Aussie charm, it’s no wonder audiences love him.

Come and see what the fuss is all about at JoeAvati’s forthcoming 20th

Anniversary tour.

Tickets are on sale

When: October 25, 2019

Where: Regent Theatre, Arlington, MA

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