Real Life Somerville Police Stories: James BUTLER (Op MV w/Susp License, Possess B, Giving False Name to PO, Fail to Stop/Yield & Tewksbury Warrant)

On Tuesday April 23 2019, at approximately 01:27 pm, I, Officer Jorge Morel, and my partner, Officer Devin Schneider, was working patrol during the 8am-4pm shift, in marked cruiser East 1. We observed a Motor Vehicle (Black KIA Forte) bearing MA registration #xxxx drive through a solid red light at the intersection of Mystic Ave and Lombardi Way. At this point Officer Schneider activated his Emergency blue lights and followed the Motor Vehicle through Mystic Ave onto Revolution Drive, where it came to a complete stop on the side of the road. I would like to note that Mystic Ave, Lombardi Way and Revolution Drive are all public ways in the city of Somerville.

Officers Tim Van Nostrand East-4, Steven Johnson and Marika Duval, Tango Unit arrived on scene as backup.

I approached the driver of the Motor Vehicle and requested his license and registration. The driver appeared to be nervous and avoided eye contact with me and Officer Schneider. The driver initially said that did not have his drivers license on him and identified himself as XXXX DOB: xxxxx. While the driver was reaching for his Motor Vehicle registration, I observed his hands and arms shaking. A query of the CJISWeb record for XXXX, revealed that the RMV photograph did not match the appearance of the operator. Officer Schneider asked a series of questions to the driver of the KIA; Residential Address, Social Security, Date of Birth, and his age in order to identify him. The driver correctly answered all of the questions, except for how old he was. When Officer Schneider questioned him about it, Mr. Butler admitted that he had provided us with XXXX’s information. The driver was identified as James Butler DOB: xxxx. A query of Mr. Butler name and DOB showed that he had an outstanding warrant out of Lowell District Court docket #1511CR004485.

Officers observed tin foil with burnt residue on the passenger seat of the car. Based on the combined training and experience of the Officers on scene, it is known that tin foil with burn residue is an indicator of illicit drug use. Officer Schneider asked Mr. Butler, what the tin foiled was used for, he replied drugs. Mr. Butler was removed from the vehicle and pat frisked; the vehicle was then searched for illegal drugs. Officer Marika discovered under the driver seat a glassine bag, containing three blue round pills, marked with k9. Based on the Officers training and experience it was determined that the pills were Oxycodone. Mr. Butler was unable to provide a valid prescription for them.

I placed Mr. Butler under arrest, handcuffing him in a manner consistent with my training (double locked, checked for proper tightness). Mr. Butler was transported to the Police Station in prisoner transport unit 200, operated by Officer James McNally and booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant Jeff Digregorio.

Mr. Butler was charged with:
-c.90/S.23 Operating Motor Vehicle with Suspended License.
-c.89/S.9 Failing to Stop at a Red Light.
-c.90/S.25 Giving a False Name to a Police Officer.
-c.94/S.34 Drug Possession Class B.

The pills were tagged and place into evidence in the usual manner. I issued Mr. Butler MA uniform citation T1316603 and T1316604.
Respectfully submitted,

Officer Jorge Morel
Badge #356

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