Somerville PD Relieve Some Neighborhood Tension

Somerville Police Officer McLaughlin knew some of the students in after school programs would be nervous after the bank robbery incident on Wednesday morning. He joined students from the Kennedy school for a game of hoops to ease some of the tension felt yesterday. Thank you Officer McLaughlin, for looking out for our Somerville students. We are sure the students appreciated your presence on the court. #CommunityPolicing #teamplayers #policeandyouth

2 thoughts on “Somerville PD Relieve Some Neighborhood Tension”

  1. The civilian did a great job throwing a block at the bank robber, causing the money bag and gun to dislodge. The police officer who followed did not seem to have much heart in running down the robber. Too out of shape, it seemed. He didn’t run very fast, unlike the robber.

  2. Wonderful you did a great Job with the children god bless officer. McLauchlin

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