Somerville Overcoming Addiction Updates

By Joann Bocca-Rivieccio

Hi Everyone

Todays article is about our event we had at the Kowloon on Valentines Day in which was very successful . Kind of disappointed that no one from the public school system came. These three organizations support all the children they teach .
Being a Lion as well as being a part of Somerville Overcoming Addiction, I ,was a guest speaker. May I add that I was also an Executive board member for Somerville Pop Warner for 11 years.
The children of Somerville as well as my own children have always been a top priority for me and now my grandchildren . Children are very curious about everything and peer pressure becomes a problem. I work at the Somerville high school in the Café , If a student in need of services or their family member or loved one I am available to help.
Having a topic jar and pulling a subject out of the jar at dinner time is a great way to break the ice about drugs and addiction.
I will be posting who will be on my show weekly and events being held in the city if possible, Feb 25th Matthew Mitchell from Somerville Cares About Prevention will be on , please watch .
Never say never or not my child, please for their sake investigate or ask them what’s going on around them. There is no turning back if they end up experimenting with something the could take their lives.
My First recommendation for the city is a mock bedroom , I already suggested this three years ago , a great experience for parents to undertake.
My second request of you would be to have a PLAN !!! You already have a Doctor or Dentist for them why not investigate substance abuse facilities and choose what would be the most appropriate place for them being age and gender. Be safe and not sorry , I promise you will be to upset when or if you find out your child/ren are using DRUGS. If you never use the PLAN that will be great and I pray that will be what all of you will encounter. Peace of mind is a wonderful thing simply throw it away . You could also ask your pediatrician their advice on the subject ….
I once told the principle of a private school my son attended, “your school is loaded with drugs … in which was over 20 years ago and he said to me “NOT MY SCHOOL”. He was wrong !!! Talk to you soon . Watch Monday night SOA show channel 3 , 8 to 9 a live show about all aspects of addiction . online or youtube under Somerville Overcoming Addiction …

Thanks for reading

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