Somerville Speakup Line: Saving Davis Square

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

Please Attend Our First Public Meeting
Wednesday, February 13, 2019 – 6PM
Dilboy Post – 371 Summer Street

All Davis Square area friends, neighbors, businesses and residents

An active group of concerned citizens need your help in ‘Saving Davis Square’ from the current dis-investment in Davis.
(see the website for details)

Missing Trees

Street Lighting

Please visit and add your name to those of us who love the vibrancy, energy, and uniqueness of the Square. We have come together because we are saddened by the neglect and deterioration. We will not wait 10 years for the City of Somerville to repair our Square.

We hope you can join us in person on 2/13/19; otherwise we still need your help, please visit for details.

Hope you can attend!!!

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