Somerville Mayor’s Cousin Former Somerville Police Officer Alex Capobianco Arrested On New OUI/Drug Charges With Intent To Distribute

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By William Tauro

According to sources Alex Capobianco was arrested earlier this Monday morning for allegations of driving under the influence and drug possession with intent to distribute including possession of large quantities of crystal meth.

Capobianco was recently cleared of all charges on a prior arrest for drug possession and counterfeiting charges by the Middlesex District Attorney as well as by Wakefield, Cambridge, Somerville Police Departments as well as by the United State Secret Service.
Capobianco is cousin to Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone as well as South Middlesex Registrar of Deeds Maria Curtatone.
Capobianco was released without bail and is scheduled to be back in court in March.

Capobianco was arrested back in January for alleged possession of Crystal Meth Drug Charges.

The arrest was made in Stoneham by Wakefield Police Officers who allegedly followed and stopped Capobianco in Stoneham on a routine traffic stop after they observed him driving with no lights on after dark.

According to sources, after the traffic stop, Capobianco allegedly flashed his retired Somerville Police badge which caused officers to observe Capobianco’s condition to be impaired.

Allegedly after searching Capobianco, police found evidence of the drug Crystal Meth in his possession.

Capobianco recently retired from the Somerville Police Department amongst allegations after his arrest by Cambridge Police for trying to pass counterfeit bills in Cambridge.

Capobianco is cousin to Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone.

Allegations are also hovering over the Curtatone cousin that when he was on the job in Somerville that he asked a Somerville Police officer who responded to a call who was at a crime scene of a sudden death to strip the deceased victim’s body of his valuables.

The deceased victim was a known drug dealer, and also a friend of the Mayor Curtatone’s cousin Officer Alex Capobianco.

While Sgt Joe McCain who was standing over the body at the scene, his partner Capobianco called him, saying he couldn’t make it there, and further, asked Sgt McCain to take possession of a large wad of cash in the guy’s pocket, along with a Rolex watch that he was wearing.

He told McCain over the phone in this conversation that the watch and the money belonged to him, so grab them before the body is removed.

Sgt McCain reported the details of the matter to the department superiors who immediately sent it to then Lt Dan Cotter to be investigated who has been since publicly accused of covering up police investigations for the past twelve years.

Sgt Joe McCain has since then been squeezed out of the department, all because of alleged political retaliation.

Lt Dan Cotter who has since then been promoted to Captain and now recently retired from the Somerville Police Department is also being accused of alleged tampering and mysteriously loosing evidence on this case as a favor to the mayor.

FBI extortion and racketeering charges have been sought on Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone and five other co-conspirators including Somerville Police Captain Dan Cotter in August of 2017 and criminal complaints filed against the six accused with the Somerville Police Department in October of 2017 which are still pending.

Somerville Police Captain Dan Cotter has been since promoted to head of the Somerville Police Detective Bureau this past week that will strangely oversee these criminal complaints placed on him as well as his boss, Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone.

The mayor’s cousin Alex Capobianco remained on the Somerville Police Department’s payroll, and was recently subsequently charged with the crime of counterfeiting by the Cambridge Police.

Officer Alex Capobianco was fired by Former Somerville Mayor Dorothy Kelly Gay during her administration for allegedly selling drugs in 2003, while in uniform, inside the Somerville High School, as the School Resource Officer.

Mayor Joseph Curtatone, his cousin, rehired Capobianco back after Mayor Gay lost the election to him in 2004 and Curtatone was elected.

As of Tuesday morning the mayor’s cousin has been charged with the following according to the Wakefield Police Department: Poss. Marijuana intent to distribute, poss methamphetamie intent to distribute. Simple Poss of Atavan, simple poss. Vidalista, ch.90 lights violation

This story is still developing…

8 thoughts on “Somerville Mayor’s Cousin Former Somerville Police Officer Alex Capobianco Arrested On New OUI/Drug Charges With Intent To Distribute”

  1. An example of the fact that addiction does not discriminate, and of enabling at its’ best. This man has a disease and needs treatment. He should not be a Police Officer until he has been sober for at least several years. I wonder how many of our fine young men who have passed due to addiction were hooked by this man at the high school.

  2. Sadly a good kid growing up. Like many people on the “right” or “wrong” side of the law. Addiction knows no distinction

  3. When u have family members with higher positions in the state or government ur going to get away with a lot just my opinion

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