GOOD MORNING – TODAY IS FRIDAY, January 11, the 11th day of 2019 with 354 to follow. Sunrise in the Boston area is @ 7:12 and sunset is @ 4:30. The moon is waxing. The morning stars are stars are Uranus and Venus. The evening stars are Mars, Mercury, Neptune, Saturn & Uranus.
ON THIS DAY IN: 1569 – England’s first state lottery was held.
1770 – The first shipment of rhubarb was sent to the United States from London.
1805 – The Michigan Territory was created.
1861 – Alabama seceded from the United States.
1867 – Benito Juarez returned to the Mexican presidency, following the withdrawal of French troops and the execution of Emperor Maximilian.
1878 – In New York, milk was delivered in glass bottles for the first time by Alexander Campbell.
1902 – “Popular Mechanics” magazine was published for the first time.
1913 – The first sedan-type car was unveiled at the National Automobile Show in New York City. The car was manufactured by the Hudson Motor Company.
1922 – At Toronto General Hospital, Leonard Thompson became the first person to be successfully treated with insulin.
1935 – Amelia Earhart Putnam became the first woman to fly solo from Hawaii to California.
1938 – In Limerick, ME, Frances Moulton assumed her duties as the first woman bank president.
1942 – Japan declared war against the Netherlands. The same day, Japanese forces invaded the Dutch East Indies.
1943 – The United States and Britain signed treaties relinquishing extraterritorial rights in China.
1947 – “Murder and Mrs. Malone” debuted on ABC radio.
1958 – “Seahunt” debuted on CBS-TV. The show was aired on the network for four years.
1964 – U.S. Surgeon General Luther Terry released a report that said that smoking cigarettes was a definite health hazard.
1973 – The Open University awarded its first degrees.
1973 – Owners of American League baseball teams voted to adopt the designated-hitter rule on a trial basis.
1977 – France released Abu Daoud, a Palestinian suspected of involvement in the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics.
1978 – Two Soviet cosmonauts aboard the Soyuz 27 capsule linked up with the Salyut 6 orbiting space station, where the Soyuz 26 capsule was already docked.
1980 – Nigel Short, age 14, from Bolton in Britain, became the youngest International Master in the history of chess.
1986 – Author James Clavell signed a 5$ million deal with Morrow/Avon Publishing for the book “Whirlwind”. The book is a 2,000 page novel.
1988 – U.S. Vice President George Bush met with representatives of independent counsel Lawrence E. Walsh to answer questions about the Iran-Contra affair.
1991 – An auction of silver and paintings that had been acquired by the late Ferdinand Marcos and his wife, Imelda, brought in a total of $20.29 million at Christie’s in New York.
1996 – Ryutaro Hashimoto become Japan’s prime minister. He replaced Tomiichi Murayama who had resigned on January 5, 1996.
2000 – The merger between AOL and Time Warner was approved by the U.S. government with restrictions.
2000 – The U.S. Postal Service unveiled the second Vietnam Veterans Memorial commemorative stamp in a ceremony at The Wall.
2001 – The Texas Board of Criminal Justice released a review of the escape of the “Texas 7.” It stated that prison staff missed critical opportunities to prevent the escape by ignoring a fire alarm, not reporting unsupervised inmates and not demanding proper identification from inmates.
2001 – The U.S. Federal Trade Commission approved the merger of America Online and Time Warner to form AOL Time Warner.

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