By Bob Katzen

The nine cabinet secretaries under the governor have received a 5.5 percent pay hike. The increase of $8,883 will raise their pay from $161,522 to 170,405. Executive agency heads and commissioners and employees of the governor’s office will also receive the 5.5 percent hike.
This hike comes only days after a total of $1.2 million in salary hikes per year was given last week to the governor, the other five constitutional statewide officers, 40 senators and 160 representatives. These hikes ranged from a low of $3,709 to a high of $80,000.

Supporters say that this raise is a fair and reasonable one for the people who hold these important positions. They note the governor’s staff did not receive merit pay increases that executive branch managers have received over the past four years.

“‘Trickle-down economics’ Bay State style,” said Chip Ford, executive director of Citizens for Limited Taxation. “Legislators grabbed a 5.83 percent pay raise and another illicit hike in their ‘expenses’ of 8 percent. Then the governor and other constitutional officers got theirs. Like water flowing downhill, cabinet secretaries and the well-connected schooling downstream catch the scraps from the feeding frenzy,” continued Ford. “Meanwhile, taxpayers got trickled on: A paltry .05 percent pay raise from the minuscule reduction of the long-past-due rollback of the 3-decades old ‘temporary’ income tax hike. On Beacon Hill this passes for ‘pay equity.’ Marie-Antoinette called it ‘Let them eat cake.’”

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