Letter from the Editor:Somerville Ward 2 Alderman JT Scott Puts Boots on the Ground Regarding Somerville Scandals

A great big shout out goes out to Somerville Ward 2 Alderman JT Scott for having the balls to come forward and doing something about the corruption that takes place in Somerville everyday.

I recently sent a letter cc’ed to all Somerville Board of Aldermen as well as cc’ed to all my media and state and federal law enforcement contacts regarding the everyday corruption, the Somerville Police Compensation and Overtime Scandal as well as for the political interference on the municipal hiring list system in Somerville which is getting very much close attention within.

In the past two or three years of my reporting of all the corruption that takes place in Somerville on a daily basis, only one member of our board of aldermen had the guts to respond and do something about it.

JT Scott hit the ground running and is conducting an investigation of his own on alleged proven corruption within the Somerville political world, including the police department’s multiple scandals and coverups that have plagued our city for years as well as for the political interference within the police municipal hiring list system that also resulted in Slain MIT Police Officer Sean Colliers fatal destiny that caused him to cross paths with the Boston marathon Bombers which resulted in his death.

We may not always agree with his political views, but he’s a man of integrity and an absolute credit to the office that he holds

Even the wrongdoers in question here are noticing first hand of the quick response that Alderman J T has expressed and they are already shaking in their boots fearing that they will be implemented and are now sending out JT hate letters now trying to distract/deflect/discourage JT from his quest of uncovering the truth. But don’t be fooled we won’t let that interfere with this investigation , it will only draw a brighter spotlight on those causing the distraction and that I can promise you and you know who you are.

Ask your Aldermen what have you done since you have gotten elected? The answer:Absolutely nothing but take photos and smile for the camera that nobody gives a shit about. For God sakes help the people do something about this because people remember during reelection time.

While other Alderman have done absolutely nothing since elected to watch over its constituents best interest by dealing with this ongoing problem here in the city, with JT we finally have an elected official in Somerville with the balls to get the job done!

Thank you JT Scott you have definitely earned the respect of many of us here in Somerville and beyond!

Best regards,
Billy Tauro, Publisher The Somerville News Weekly/ Boston News Group

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