Burlington Man Pleads Guilty To Crash That Killed Somerville Police Officer Louis Remigio gets 7-14 years In Prison

Photo:Somerville Police Officer Louis Remigio with his daughters Danielle, left, and Ali, right

By William Tauro

On Monday, a Burlington man pleaded guilty to causing an Oct. 8, 2017 crash in North Hampton New Hampshire that killed Somerville Police Officer Louis Remigio.

19 year old Michael Ricci of Burlington, was sentenced this past Monday to 7-14 years of incarceration on negligent homicide and other charges stemming from an October 2017 crash that occurred on Interstate 95 in New Hampshire.

The courtroom packed with family, fellow police officers and friends of Officer Louis Remigio who one by one expressed their anger towards Ricci while awaiting the judge’s decision.

The prosecution stated that Michael Ricci was racing north on the highway that Sunday morning when he overshot his exit and decided to turn into a crossover lane.

Ricci’s vehicle was traveling about 50 mph when he made the U-turn and entered the southbound lane in front of other vehicles, collided with 55-year-old off-duty Somerville Police Officer Louis Remigio who was on his own motorcycle.

New Hampshire Deputy County Attorney Jennifer Haggar stated to Rockingham County Superior Court Judge N. William Delker that “It was unimaginable. It was selfish. It was reckless and it proved to be deadly,” referring to Ricci’s reckless driving decisions that caused the collision.

Officer Remigio suffered serious injuries and was in a coma and was later removed from life support.

Prior sentencing, Rockingham County Superior Court Judge N. William Delker
stated to Ricci “You were not the innocent teenager who made a rash decision as an inexperienced driver. What happened on that road was no accident,”

Judge Delker also stated to Ricci referring to his terrible decision to post pictures of his car immediately after the collision on SnapChat before police arrived and while Officer Louis Remigio was laying next to his totaled motorcycle bleeding that “There is no insurance company on this planet Earth that has people post pictures on SnapChat to document the damage to their vehicle. And how you treated the police and the bail commissioner in the hours and the days after this crash showed your true stripes. Someone who is truly respectful of authority, who is truly remorseful and appreciative of the consequences of their actions don’t do or say the things that the state described here in court today!”

Deputy County Attorney Jennifer Haggar said that “He (Ricci) had an attitude all along saying this was all because he killed a cop.”

Ricci showed no remorse nor emotion while addressing the court. Ricci also apologized for his actions that caused the collision and stated to the court that the accident was a result of a “quick and impulsive decision” to make the fatal illegal U-turn.

Ricci stated “I understand the incredible loss and pain and I accept responsibility for my error in judgment that day. If I could go back in time and change things I would do that. I would do that so Mr. Remigio would still be here and so that his family would not be suffering the loss of him.”

Ricci stated that “When I lost control of the car, I hit the grass and was thrown to the side. I could not see, I could not stop. I realized my car was being hit and I believe I was in shock.”

Remigio’s cousin, Dan Remigio gave testimony and on the stand told to Ricci that “They wanted you to be arrested with the cuffs of the man that you had killed that day.”

Ricci received a sentence of 7-14 years of incarceration behind bars as well as an additional 7-14 year suspended sentence and is ordered to pay restitution. Ricci’s sentencing began immediately.

Photo:19 year old Michael Ricci of Burlington

Photo:Somerville Police Officer Louis Remigio

3 thoughts on “Burlington Man Pleads Guilty To Crash That Killed Somerville Police Officer Louis Remigio gets 7-14 years In Prison”

  1. I feel sorry to the family of the police officer. A life was taken due to reckless and irresponsible driving. The driver should be banned in driving or suspend his license to drive.

  2. Paul, I could not have said it better. Louie was a gentleman and a fine police officer. He always had that great smile on his face.

    I’m glad this criminal punk is now behind bars. Rest in peace, Louie. You are missed every day by many people.

  3. Lou Remigio was a solid and decent police officer who displayed the highest integrity, respect and professionalism in everything that he did in his life. His tragic loss at the hands of this disrespectful and selfish person was not only a loss to Lou’s daughters, but an unimaginable loss to his friends, colleagues and the people of Somerville. Rest in Peace Lou.

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