Many of you reached out to me recently, wondering why gates were being installed in all school lots. After two days of researching this question, I LEARNED that there was a potential consideration to no longer allow neighborhoods to use school parking lots in Declared Snow Emergencies. I was also informed that nothing was yet decided and there was needed conversation to be held. The very next BOA meeting I and some of my colleagues requested a joint meeting with the School Committee, DPW, Administration and BOA so that together we may fully discuss this potential.

I received an email late this afternoon. So much for what I was told.

2 thoughts on “MARY JO ROSSETTI ALDERMAN-AT-LARGE:Parking/Gates In School Lots”

  1. When it comes to parking in snow emergencies we have no one to blame but ours selves. The reason we had odd numbered side parking was a survey years ago showed there was more on street parking with odd side. Yes the even side had more snow to move but our cars and odd side cars had more space. It was give and take. So now because of the complaints, and the board of alderman having no back bone, and the gates at schools being closed off during snow emergencies we now have less than before to park. So my prediction is, more hydrants, driveways, parked cars on wrong side, and other snow emergency violations will happen wHich means more parking tickets and towing. Which means the city will screw us like we screw ourselves. GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. Great concept. Reduce parking in the city then take it away when it is needed most. Another windfall for the city. Just another thing to remember when going to the polls.

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