Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Shea-Lyn MORTON (A&B, Attempt to Commit Crime)

On the afternoon of Monday, September 24, 2018, Somerville E-911 received a call for a black female possibly trying to abduct a child from the area of the Argenziano School. E-2 Officer Brioso, E-3 Officer Ubeda, C-2 Officer Manzelli, E-4 Officer Morreira and I responded to the scene. Somerville Dispatch gave the responding units a description of a black female, curly hair, pink sweater and white head phones, the description was made possible by the school’s principal.

Moments later Officer’s Ubeda and Morreira radioed that they had made contact with a female matching the broadcasted description. The female in question Shea-Lyn Morton, a resident of the XXXX was located inside the shelter. It was at this point I made my way to the shelter to speak with Ms. Morton. Once on scene at the shelter, I introduced myself to Ms. Morton. I asked Ms. Morton if she had any contact with children prior to the arrival of the uniformed officers? Ms. Morton replied, “No, I just got off the bus from Sullivan Square.”

After having a brief conversation with Ms. Morton she was allowed to return to her activities. After speaking with Ms. Morton I returned to the Argenziano School so I could speak with one of the reported victims in this matter, “Juvenile 1”. The female juvenile explained to me that she along with three other friends were walking on Washington Street east bound when they encountered Ms. Morton in front of the entrance to the shelter. Juvenile 1, stated that Ms. Morton began asking the three children for money. The children told Ms. Morton that they do not have any money and this allegedly made Ms. Morton agitated. When the three children attempted to walk by Ms. Morton, she extended both of her arms preventing the children from getting by.

One of the three juveniles (Juvenile #2) immediately took off running. Juveniles 1 and 3 were attempting to leave only to be stopped by Ms. Morton. (Juvenile 1) stated that she was grabbed by the wrist by Ms. Morton, when she tried to get away. After speaking with the mother of juvenile #3 it was discovered that he was grabbed by the strap on his back pack. Juveniles 1 and 3 subsequently were able to break free and report the incident to an adult.

I sat down with both the mother of juvenile #1 and the juvenile. I explained that we may have a suspect to the crime detained just over the bridge, and I would like Juvenile 1 to partake in a show up, with the permission of her mother. Juvenile #1’s parent gave the permission and the instructions to the show up were given. Both the parent and juvenile read the instructions from the show up form, and they both initialed that they understood.

After receiving the permission from the mother, we made our way to my unmarked police vehicle, the vehicle has tinted windows so the identity of the child was secure. Immediately upon seeing Ms. Morton, Juvenile #1 became visibly shaken, and stated “Thats her!” Ms. Morton was then placed in to custody by Officer Ubeda. Unit #200 was requested to transport Ms. Morton to the Somerville Police Station where she was booked in the usual manner by the shift commander Sgt. Kevin Shackleford.

Respectfully submitted,

Detective Robert M. Pasqualino #271

Somerville Police Department

Criminal Investigation Division

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