The Somerville Home to Discontinue Operations, Close Residential Care Facility by End of 2018


SOMERVILLE, Mass. (Aug. 29, 2018) – The Somerville Home, a licensed residential care facility for senior citizens, today announced the difficult decision to discontinue operations and close the building by the end of the year.  The decision to close is voluntary and due to financial reasons.

The Somerville Home, a private, nonprofit organization incorporated in 1898, operates a 59-bed Level IV rest home located at 117 Summer St. in Somerville.  The current building was constructed in 1927.  There are 46 residents currently in the facility and most have their care paid for by the state.

“The state’s rate of reimbursement, which is far below the cost of delivering care, has led the Board of Directors to conclude that the rest home model is no longer financially sustainable for this organization,” said Edwin Smith, Chairman of the Somerville Home’s Board of Directors.  “After such a long history serving the community, we are deeply saddened to have reached this juncture.  We are in the process of finding new homes for our residents and, working in close collaboration with families and the community, we are committed to ensuring a smooth transition for all.”

The Somerville Home has filed a notice of intent to close with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, proposing to close by Dec. 31, 2018.  A public hearing on the closure, as required by DPH regulations, is expected to be held at least 90 days prior to the proposed closure date.

“We will ensure that all of our residents have found an appropriate place and are successfully transitioned before we close,” said Kelley Sferrazza, Executive Director of The Somerville Home

The 26 employees of the Somerville Home will receive assistance in transitioning to new jobs.  The Board of Directors is currently exploring options for the future use of the building that will be beneficial to the community and is committed to working closely with neighbors and city officials.

For 120 years, the Somerville Home has provided residential services to the elderly and individuals with disabilities.  Each resident receives a private bedroom, three meals a day, personalized housekeeping and 24-hour supervision.

3 thoughts on “The Somerville Home to Discontinue Operations, Close Residential Care Facility by End of 2018”

  1. in this area typical full blown nursing home costs are 14k a month.
    when the state pays the tab they pay roughly half of that amount or 7k.
    nursing homes have difficult time operating if the place has a lot of the state paid residents. its the math of it.

    the funds coming in used to be enough however operating costs have increased for nursing homes – salaries, benefits, medical, prop taxes, building maintenance, utilities, and food. Maybe if their operating expenses had not gone up so quickly they would be able to stay in business.

  2. With all the wasted money the government spends we can’t spend it on a necessity. This city needs more of these places, not less. Definatly something wrong here.

  3. Well, for all you folks who live in this neighborhood I am sure that you will welcome the massive construction project that will replace the Home and suck up all the parking spaces. You can thank the current administration for what will come at this site.

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