Somerville Speakup Line:Concerns Over Ball Square Bridge Closing

Its absurb. A major commuting artery will be closed for an entire year?!! Where is the traffic count data? This is the only direct route for anyone on winter hill commuting to Belmont and Arlington. In Bath Maine, an entire overpass bridge spanning the city was completely taken down and built new in 8 months. And they were done one month EARLY. Who is our alderman and how come Winter Hill get continually screwed over? Likewise with the zoning – Winter Hill on the Mystic side is RB zoned. WH has the least appreciation in property values and now the city is damaging the market value of any 2 unit property by limiting its future development. Though your property is now greatly diminished in value, the city will not be reducing your assessment or your taxes. ADU is ridiculous overreach by the city which is illogical, purposeful only in the intent to give the city control over your private property and what you can and cannot do. Your 2 family is worth much more as a legal 3 unit than it is as a 2 family with an ADU. The city needs rental units – the BOA is out of touch, focusing on ownership and low income, while the masses scream housing crisis and no one cares about the renters passing through. Any unit removed from the general rental pool to become a low income unit will only tighten the market for moderate and middle income renters. The city is forfeiting 1000 plus rental units through its downzoning – yet housing advocates seem to care ONLY about low income renters. Those 1000+ rental units could also be more affordable condominium ownership opportunities.

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