Somerville Moving Resources

We’re just a couple weeks away from a rash of Storrowings, Allston Christmas, and everything else that comes with September 1 in the Greater Boston area. We know moving isn’t fun, but we hope some of these tips and resources will make things a little less stressful for you:

• Visit the Traffic and Parking website for information on reserving a spot for your moving truck, getting residential and guest parking permits, and updating existing permits to your new address.

• Use the Waste Wizard to find out how to properly dispose of anything you want to get rid of before or after your move. You can also look up your new trash and recycling schedule.

• Check your new street sweeping schedule and set up alerts for yourself.

• Update your contact information in the City alert system so that you get any notifications relevant to your new neighborhood.

• Update your address with the Elections Department.

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