Conway Field Update

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) are active on this project and working to assist us as we continue with our assessment, and we took several important steps forward last week.

Each agency sent a representative to the site last week for a joint walk-about to inform their requirements for further testing. The visit was important progress. With EPA and MassDEP guidance, our Licensed Site Professional, Weston & Sampson, is finalizing a plan for the next phase of required testing. To accelerate the process, the City submitted an appropriation request to the Board of Aldermen on Thursday, June 14, to fund the next round of testing, and it was swiftly passed by the Board at the same session. With funding in place, this means that as soon as the EPA approves the testing plan, Weston & Sampson will be able to begin their assessment immediately.

After the testing, our hope is to have sufficient data to support reopening the playground as quickly as possible. In addition, the goal for the athletic field is to collect sufficient data to develop an approved cleanup plan that can be integrated into its planned renovation.

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