Letter to the Editor:A Letter to Somerville Chief of Police

David Fallon

Somerville Police Department Somerville,MA

Dear David Fallon,

I refer you to as “David” because you are not worthy of the title of chief. I have thought long and hard of what I would say to you when I actually had an opportunity where we crossed paths. The wait for that time was one that I could not endure. I face each day filled with anger and hatred and I need to find some form of resolution in letting you know that.

What you have done to Dante and taken away from my family and all of us is ineffable. Dante became your sacrificial lamb for your ineptitude as a chief, police officer and a leader. You are a coward who could not face or own up to his failures as a chief and therefore used a decorated , dedicated officer , honorable husband , devoted father and outstanding human being as your scapegoat. He is everything that you could never be.

How dare you sit in front of us and tell us you”would got to war for your men”. Really! Where were you twenty months ago when this started . I sit here trying to find the right words to describe this distortion of justice. I do not even think it is possible.

Do you even know what you have taken from myself and my children. You have stolen time ,which can never be replaced . You have taken my children’s father and my husband and broken his soul. You have robbed him of what defined him. We will never get that piece of him back. This is a man that truly was passionate about being an officer he went to work with a purpose . That is more than I can say for yourself and any of the criminal lackeys that work with you that call themselves officers. You are all just pawns in the mayors little chess game. he has you positioned perfectly to be his yes men. Each one of you that are even tied to this case should have your title, badges and merits stripped away.

How you are able to look in the mirror and look at your family knowing you destroyed ours is inconceivable. What does it feel like to look at Dante and know he is a better man and better officer than you can ever dream of being?

Myself and everybody present at those hearings sat and listened at how incompetent yourself and “Cotter” are. Trust me we are all aware that Dante’s fate was rubber stamped before we even walked through the doors. It is implausible to think that you terminated him on accusations that were dropped by the District Attorney and the AG’s office; but “Cotter” and his “Not” investigation found him guilty of . The same “Cotter” who lied under oath and contradicted himself over and over.

Are you kidding me! Both of you were publicly humiliated and don’t think for a second that it didn’t spread throughout the law enforcement community.

This whole situation was a screwup from the beginning and you could have made it right. Instead you held Dante accountable for your mistakes so you wouldn’t have to take the fall for not upholding your responsibility as an acting chief. You have taken someone’s life away. How does it feel?

So when you see us on the street or my children in the schoolyard or Dante around the city I want you to think about the pain you caused because you David Fallon are a deplorable example of an officer of the law and a worthless human.

Nicole DiFronzo

4 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor:A Letter to Somerville Chief of Police”

  1. I thank everyone who has supported our son-in-law Dante our daughter Nicole and our grandchildren! Aboslute crime what has been done to them but they are strong together as a family and Karma is real!!! Mary and Arthur DelloRusso

  2. This is just awful … my heart goes out to Dante & his family. Shame on you David Fallon… and anyone else who contributed to ruining the career of a stand up guy like Dante DiFronzo. What an absolute disgrace!!

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