Somerville-ROW Construction update week of 11 June 2018


We survived a particularly intense week of construction, proving that

our team is functioning as expected, and that the City possesses the

fortitude to endure life in the frying pan while we cook the omelet of

tomorrow’s infrastructure. The good news is that next week will be

relatively calm on the construction front. Major activities include:

Cedar Street Sewer Separation – P. Gioioso & Sons

* Due to the intense rain on Monday, base layer paving is delayed one

day. Paving of the northern portion including the Summer Street

intersection will be completed today, and the crews will finish the

effort tomorrow. The street will remain closed to through traffic

through the weekend. Abutters will be granted access, but everyone

should allow 4 hours for the pavement to cool to avoid damage to the

asphalt and/or tires. Next week will be relatively quiet with surveyors

laying out the new curb alignments, and a construction crew returning on

Friday to adjust catch basin inlets to the temporary road elevation.

Pavement Management Program – D&R Paving

* Sidewalk construction on Cedar Street between Broadway and Highland

Avenue requiring parking restrictions and partial closures of the

street. Now that the chicanes (curb extensions) are in various stages of

completion on both sides, it has become hazardous for two-way traffic to

coexist with the construction crews. More often than not, we will be

closing Cedar Street to southbound through traffic, but allowing

northbound and abutter access. Those allowances negate our control over

the Waze app, so please encourage people to heed the barricades and

avoid the area.

* Please note that the pavement completed this week on Lowell, Bolton

and White requires a minimum of three weeks to cure before paint can be

applied. Particularly on Lowell Street with the new chicanes, drivers

should use caution.

Beacon Street Road Reconstruction – MassDOT and Newport Construction

* Tree planting on Beacon between Oxford and Washington Streets

requiring parking restrictions and lane shifts.

* Preparatory work at the Beacon/Washington intersection requiring

parking restrictions and lane shifts. Full depth work at the

intersection will start after the end of school, at which time

significant traffic delays can be anticipated.

Gas Main Replacement – Eversource

* Eversource gas main replacement in Union Square including the Plaza

and Sanborn Court requiring parking and traffic restrictions.

* Eversource gas main and service connection replacements on Powder

House Blvd between Curtis Street and Alewife Brook Parkway requiring

parking and traffic restrictions.

* Eversource gas main replacement on Oak Street between Houghton and

Prospect Streets requiring parking restrictions and road closure to

non-abutters. Note that Eversource work on Oak Street will not start

until D&R Paving is complete with Bolton Street.

* Eversource gas main replacement on Francesca Avenue between College

and Liberty Avenues requiring parking restrictions and road closure to


* Please note that Eversource gas main replacement on Meacham Road

between Buena Vista Avenue and the Cambridge city line is on hold

pending Historical Commission review of gas meter placement.

* Eversource gas main replacement at the intersection of Highland

Avenue and Cedar Street requiring parking and traffic restrictions.

Gas Main Replacement – National Grid

* National Grid gas main replacement on Brook Street between Cross

Street and Glen Street requiring parking restrictions and road closure

to non-abutters.

Somerville Avenue Utility and Streetscape Improvements – Barletta Heavy


* Initiation of water and sewer in Somerville Ave between Bow and

Prospect Streets and in the Plaza requiring parking restrictions and

lane shifts.

Gore Street Cambridge Sewer – J. Derenzo

* Water and sewer installation in Medford Street between South Street

and the Cambridge city line requiring parking restrictions, and one-way

alternating traffic. The coordination of this work with GLX and

activities on Gore Street, Cambridge require extended working hours

including 7 to 7 on weekdays and 9 to 7 on Saturdays through next week,

after which time the hours will reduce to normal.

Sewer System Evaluation Study – Somerville Sewer Department, Weston &

Sampson, and NWMCC

·         Sewer investigations in the area bound by Teele Square, Davis

Square and Tufts, requiring  parking restrictions and temporary traffic


If you foresee or encounter any issues with construction activities,

please contact Jesse Moos at 617.625.6600 x5419 or the main Engineering

Department line at x5400. The new email address that goes to select staff in both the

Engineering and Communications departments is also proving useful for

quick issue resolution. Please let people know that this email address

is the best one for anyone with construction-related feedback or

questions to use.

As always, thanks for your attention and support as we build a better



Richard E. Raiche, PE, PMP

Director of Engineering

City of Somerville

1 Franey Road, Somerville, MA 02145

o: 617.625.6600 x5410

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