By Bob Katzen

The Senate approved and sent to the House a bill requiring the MCAD Advisory Board to include representatives of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning youth, (LGBTQ) community.

The MCAD investigates and prosecutes complaints of discrimination that occur in employment, housing, public places, access to education, lending and credit.

Current law requires that representatives of several groups be on the board including labor organizations; minority racial, ethnic and linguistic groups; women; elderly and handicapped persons; and recipients of public assistance.

“Despite the discrimination that persists against the LGBTQ community, they have been significantly underrepresented on the MCAD Advisory Board,” said sponsor Sen. Adam Hinds (D- Pittsfield). “This legislation is a logical fix, and its implementation will be significant. This simple change to the board’s membership will go a long way in ensuring these voices are included in future deliberations.”

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