Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Keith FRANCEY (B&E Mis, Mal Defacement Prop)

On April 8, 2018 at approx 3:14 pm, while in marked unit E4 and in full uniform, I was dispatched to xx Wheatland Street for a motor vehicle break in progress and that the suspect was being detained. Also dispatched was Car E1, Officer Alex Lorenti.

Upon arrival I was flagged down by a male party and directed into the side lot of xx Wheatland Street where I observed 4 male parties standing next to a motor vehicle and a male sitting inside on the driver’s seat with the door open. As I approached one male, identified as the caller/witness, Mr XXXX, stated that this male sitting in the vehicle broke into it and the vehicle belonged to his mother.

I asked the male, identified as Keith Francey, to step from the vehicle and placed him into handcuffs for my safety and his until I figured out what was going on. I then had him step back and sat him on the curb. I observed damage to the vehicle, MA Reg xxxx, as the dashboard seemed to be pulled away from the steering column.

I then asked Mr Francey what he was doing in the vehicle and he stated,” I don’t know, where am I?” I told him where he was and then pat frisked him for weapons. While conducting a pat frisk I felt loose coins in every pocket and removed a small folding knife from him front right pocket.

While Officer Lorenti watched the suspect I spoke with the vehicle owner and victim, Ms YYYY. Ms YYYY state to me that she can’t remember if she locked her vehicle when she parked but she did not give permission to anyone to enter her vehicle. Ms YYYY stated that her dashboard was not damaged when she parked and that there was around $5.00 in loose change missing from the vehicle. She further stated she had no idea who the suspect was nor why he was in her vehicle.

I then informed Mr Francey he was under arrest and asked if he stole the elderly ladies money can I give it back to which he agreed. I returned $4.53 to Ms YYYY in loose change. Mr Francey was transported to the station via 200 and booked by Sgt Isodoro on the above noted charges.

Respectfully submitted,

Detective Alan Monaco #234

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