Somerville BOA Now Interviewing New Police Cadets and Asking Questions, But Not Enough

By William Tauro

Its nice to see the new Somerville Board of Aldermen (BOA) interviewing new Somerville Police Department cadets before they go through extensive training at the police academy especially after the police department had already conducted the same type of extensive investigation interviews on them already.

Most of these cadets, after their initial interviews and thumbs up by the department are now awaiting their scheduled entrance to their academies.

They have also already put their lives in order, quit their current jobs and ready to proceed ahead.

Now with this newly adapted last minute and unforeseen interviewing process, a major bump in the road and conflict of interest is putting the cadets in harms way of missing their scheduled police academy reservation dates.

This all should’ve been presented in advance before blindsiding these cadets who are at risk in losing it all do to this last minute unscheduled process.

Some of the questions asked to the cadets have been “What are their feelings on Black Lives Matter?”

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is an international activist movement, originating in the African-American community, that campaigns against violence and systemic racism towards black people. BLM regularly holds protests speaking out against police killings of black people, and broader issues such as racial profiling, police brutality, and racial inequality in the United States criminal justice system.

For decades or at least as far as I can recall, the interviewing of the candidates process was always the responsibility of the Police Department and always done it in advance before qualifying the cadets to be excepted and going to the Academy.

But don’t get me wrong, the BOA interviewing the candidates could be a good thing, but it should’ve been a requirement in the beginning stages of the process and not at the last minute before the bus arrives to the Academy.

This is all fine and dandy but now we can only hope that the good board makes the same efforts to dig even further.

Again don’t get me wrong, this newly added interviewing process can be a good thing especially after all the allegations of corruption and coverup that’s been accused of taking place and now plaques the Somerville Police Station.

Wouldn’t it be nice if at least one of the Somerville BOA members if not all of them  would make the effort and look into and scrutinized other serious,questionable Somerville unanswered alarming concerns like all of the official Somerville Police Investigations that Corrupt Crooked Captain Coverup swept under the rug all these years?


Investigate the Somerville DPW Scandal which alleged tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars were compromised by a handful of city employees.

investigate the DPW Commissioner’s alleged firefighter white envelope $10,000 cash payoff entrance fee scandal in one situation resulting in the death of a young Navy Seal/Somerville Firefighter candidate.

Investigate into the allegations of any coverup in the Deanna Cremin twenty-five year old murder case and bring the suspects to justice.

Investigate the unlawful purchases with city credit cards and vendor checks made by the Commissioner at the Home Depot.

Investigate unlawful curb cuts and driveways installed on the taxpayers dime for friends of the DPW Commissioner.

Investigate the drug evidence missing money for the SPD’s missing desk

Investigate all of the stalled developments for criminal collusion like the eminent domain taking of the Somerville family owned bowling alley and the eminent domain taking of taxpayers land for the use of the new condo building being constructed on Mystic Avenue.

Investigate and re-open the McGrath Highway overpass and tunnel that was mysteriously closed down after a $21,000,000 million dollar renovation for some or alleged personal reasons of retaliation of the administration that is cutting off the blood circulation of customer traffic to Ward 2.

Investigate the Corrupt Captain Cover-up who was caught lying on the witniss stand or recently described as twisting/misrepresenting the truth at Somerville Police Officer Dante’s retaliatory Termination hearing.

Investigate and re-open the case on the mysterious Fourth of July flower shop fire that is owned by two Somerville elected official’s families and find out who really did it and where the file went.

Investigate how the mayor’s cousin’s police issued service revolver was stolen and how who took it and how it was falsely reported missing.

Investigate and look a little further into the details on why the Director of Fleet Management position was custom created for Ron Bonney as well as a position for his wife Iwana Bonney, a research doctor at Tufts Medical who is now on the Somerville Redevelopment Authority.

Investigate how many allegations of water bill tampering that the DPW Commissioner had deleted from the city’s water department computer system on his own personal properties.

Investigate and look very closely for the missing file on an official complaint of elder abuse of an elected official’s mother that was filed then went mysteriously missing that disappeared regarding details of the domestic dispute/assault and battery beating from another elected official of an elderly person where beatings are still continuing and demand both their resignations.

Investigate some real shocking illegal drug allegations and illegal acts that took place right on an elected officials desk in her office and demand her resignation.

If the Somerville BOA doesn’t turn a blind eye again on these allegations and in fact actually conducts new investigations on all of the above they willl be amazed of what will be uncovered.

The truth will definitely set you free.

And just to point out that the statue of limitations to these crimes do not apply especially where their own Corrupt Captain Coverup covered up all these investigations so there we go.

Go after the accused, prosecute and lock them up, seize their pensions and clear the slate.

Maybe the good people of Somerville, instead of being blindsided, should start speaking up and demanding this type of action from their Aldermen and Representatives to begin immediately?

So many unanswered questions here just because nobody took the time or has the guts to ask. Seek and you shall find.

And if the BOA needs anymore concrete solid evidence on these allegations, please tell them to feel free to contact me at their convenience anytime and it will be handed to them.

Call your Aldermen and Representatives today and let the games begin!

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