Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Walter KOMNENUS (PWID B Subsq, MV Viol)

The following is a brief summary to incident #18014123.

Members of the Somerville Police Department Drug Control Unit and Gang Unit initiated a drug investigation engineered by Walter Komnenus and his alleged role in the ongoing distribution of controlled substances. The alleged distribution occurs from his residence located at xx Pearl Street, Somerville, Ma 02145. At the conclusion of this drug investigation, a search warrant application was requested by me at the Somerville District Court on Friday, March, 09, 2018. The search warrant (1810-SW-0014) was granted by the court authorizing the search of the following:

#1- The residence of xx Pearl Street, Somerville, Ma 02145

(Search warrant docket # 1810-SW-0014).

#2- The person of Walter Komnenus, date of birth xxxx

(Search warrant docket #1810-SW-0014).

On Friday, March, 09, 2018, Detective Sergeant Michael Capasso along with Detectives, Guerdy Legros, Cassandra Goncalves, Fernando Cicerone, James McNally and I along with K9 Officer Sullivan and his K9 Lobo setup surveillance in the area of xx Pearl Street At Approximately 3:30 p.m.

At Approximately 5:50 P.M., Observations were made by Detective Goncalves and I, of a black Ford Mustang with a xx Registration drive up to the side of xx Pearl Street, where the vehicle stopped. A female operator then exited the vehicle and walked to the back door of xx Pearl Street, where the female entered the residence. At 5:59 observations were made of the female operator of the Mustang exit the residence along with Komnenus. After a short conversation between the two, The female left the area in her vehicle and Komnenus went into his truck (Ma Reg xxxx), which was parked in the driveway of xx Pearl Street. Komnenus then started his vehicle and he began to drive away travelling from Pinckney Street onto Wheeler Street. At this point I notified Detectives in the area Komnenus direction of where he was driving in. I then began to follow Komnenus. Komnenus shortly after took a left onto Mt Vernon Street, where the vehicle was traveling towards the area of Broadway.

Once Komnenus reached the area of xx Mt Vernon Street, which is a public way in the city Somerville, K9 Officer Sullivan, who was in a marked cruiser activated his emergency lights and sirens and affected a motor vehicle stop of the vehicle. Prior to the mv stop of Komeneus, an inquiry was done by me regarding the status of Komnenus drivers license. The results showed that Komnenus has a suspended MA drivers License. Once the motor vehicle was stopped, I along with Detectives Cicerone, McNally and K9 Officer Sullivan approached the vehicle with our Police badges displayed on the exterior of clothing. Once I approached the vehicle, I had Komnenus exit the vehicle where I placed Komneus into handcuffs for his safety and for the safety of the officers on scene. A copy of the search warrant was then showed and provided to Komnenus. Detective Cicerone then read Komnenus his rights pursuant to Miranda from a card he keeps in his back pocket to his pants. Komnenus was asked if he understood his rights and Komnenus stated that he understood his rights. I then asked Komnenus if he had a active MA drivers license and Komnenus stated that he did not and advised me that his license was suspended but that he was going to get his license reinstated next week.

I then began to execute the search warrant of Komnenus Person. I then found a baggie containing a white powdery substance (preliminary weight 5.3 grams) in Komnenus right front coin pocket, based on my training and experience I believe it to be Cocaine. based on my training and experience the 5.3 grams of Cocaine is consistent with someone who will possess with the intent to distribute it. At this point I placed Komnenus under arrest. Komnenus was then transported to Somerville Police Headquarters via marked Detention Unit 200, Officer J Brown. At this point Komnenus vehicle was then towed back to the Somerville Police Garage. Marked Unit East One (Officer Vannostrand) followed Komnenus vehicle back to the Somerville Police garage as it was towed by xxxx towing. Inside the vehicle five orange Suboxone tablets were also found and seized by Detective Cicerone and Sgt Capasso.

At this Point Detectives went to xx Pearl Street to execute the search warrant of his residence. Once we arrived on scene we spoke to XXXX who is the owner of the residence and also resides at the residence. XXXX was outside when we arrived at the residence. I advised XXXX that I had a search warrant of her residence. After a brief Conversation with XXXX she advised me that Komnenus has been living at the residence for about six months. I then asked XXXX where Komnenus room was. XXXX lead myself and other detectives to a second floor room that was locked. I then began to knock and announce Police Search warrant and we then opened the door with a key Komnenus gave us prior to getting arrested. We then executed the search warrant. Inside Komnneus Room 44 Suboxone strips, 1.5 grams of Cocaine, 2 digital scales were found and seized. Also found Inside a trash barrel in Komnenus room were numerous sandwich bags with corners cutoff.

Based on my training and experience I know that sandwich baggies with ripped or cut out corners are consistent with how drugs are generally packaged for sale and therefore show evidence of drug distribution. Drugs are commonly placed or poured into the sandwich bag which is then tipped so that the drugs inside flow to one corner. That corner of the bag is then twisted so that the plastic above the drugs spindles.  This portion of the bag containing the drugs is then passed through a loop made by the spindle of plastic and pulled, forming a knot immediately above the drugs inside.  The excess bag is then cut away.  This process can be completed twice using the two bottom corners.  When the packaging is complete, and the two bags of drugs have been produced, the unused baggie is then discarded. This is known to Narcotic Detective’s as a diaper bag due to the bag looking like a diaper with the two bottom corners being cutoff. Marked unit East 4 (Officer’s DaCosta and Canty) also assisted with the search warrant execution of the residence

Please see Detective McNallys supplemental report for any and all evidence Seized/confiscated.

I would note that before the search warrant execution, Burlington Police Officer Papsedero and Drug K9 Havoc did a preliminary K9 search of the residence for narcotics. K9 Havoc alerted to an area by a Jewelry box were the Cocaine was found. Nine hundred, forty three dollars and Komnenus cellphone was taken into evidence and will be seized and subject for forfeiture proceedings. Komnenus was also issued Ma Uniform Citaion #7096399 for operating a MV with a suspended License.

Based on my training and experience, I believed with all the illegal controlled substances / evidence seized, That Komnenus possessed the illegal controlled substances with the intent to distribute them.

Komnenus was booked by Sgt Isadoro and will be charged with :



Respectfully Submitted,

Detective Jason Costa #301

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