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There are many important upcoming meetings which I’d like to highlight in this email. Note “community meetings” (don’t appear on the city website), so I try to include those I believe are of interest to constituents based on their input. You’ll find many in this email, however not all.

For a full listing of all official “Aldermen meetings” which are typically held up at city hall, please check the city website for times and locations —http://www.somervillema.gov/



Finance Committee – Meeting of the Whole – primary discussion is the administration unprecedented proposal to add 19 new staff positions mid-term. Impact is adding approximately $2million to budget. Over the last four years the Administration has repeatedly been asked are more positions needed, the response has been no.Although growth is happening these 19 position request was a surprise.

Agenda click here –> http://somervillecityma.iqm2.com/Citizens/FileOpen.aspx?Type=14&ID=3327&Inline=True

When:     Tue. Mar. 6, 6pm

Location: Aldermanic Chambers, City Hall


Zoning Meetings in Ward 7 – learn what impact the new proposed zoning overhaul has on your property and our community.

Details can be found at www.SomervilleZoning.com

When:     Sat., Mar. 10, 1-3pm

Location: VNA Senior Assisted Living, 405 Alewife Brook Parkway, first floor community room in the back (this is where Ward 7, Precinct 3 Polling Station is located)


Infrastructure work Powderhouse Blvd completed this fall Now need to plan re-paving of Blvd.- Discuss traffic dampening ideas This meeting will be lead by the Director of Traffic & Infrastructure, City Engineer.

When:      Monday, Mar. 12, 6:00pm

Location:  West Somerville Neighborhood School, cafeteria


Community Meeting 395 Alewife Brook Parkway (ABP) Project- property owner of Sunoco/auto repairs want to develop site in a 24-26 unit residential building with ground floor commercial

When:      Monday, Mar. 12, 7:15pm

Location:  West Somerville Neighborhood School, cafeteria


Proposed Zoning Overhaul Public Hearing – come and let City Administration & Aldermen know what you think of the

More details can be found at www.SomervilleZoning.com

When:     Tue., Mar. 13, 6pm

Location: Somerville City Hall, Aldermanic Chambers


Community Meeting Clarendon Hill/North St Housing project – Local Tenant Organization, known as CRU has supported the project, the city administration has submitted a Home Rule Petition (HRP) on behalf of developer team to the Board of Aldermen. The HRP has been referred to Legislative Matters for deliberation. There still needs to be work done on; Alewife Brook Parkway/Powderhouse intersection redesign, HRP for Article 97, Somerville Public School relocation-student transportation expense enforceable binding contract etc. Until these have reached a satisfactory advancement. I expect “prevailing wage” HRP won’t be advanced in Legislative Matters. Timeline estimate end of March or in April. Sen. Jehlen, Rep. Barber & I continue to work toegther to work on this local/state project.


Legislative Matters Committee Meeting – Ordinances to be discussed; transfer tax, tenants right of first refusal, recognition of Union Sq. Neighborhood Council. The agenda is not posted yes, please expect to find it posted not later than Mar. 13. then you can

click here for full agenda–> http://somervillecityma.iqm2.com/Citizens/calendar.aspx

When:     Thu., Mar. 15, 6:30pm (note also expect public hearing on some of these issues March 29)

Location: Aldermen’s Committee Room, Somerville City Hall


Empty Lot Teele Sq. TBD (estimating March) – Currently the property owner is working with traffic consultant. It is taking a bit longer than expected. Will keep you updated.


Powderhouse Redevelopment Project – Here is the update from Steven Azar, Director of Development, MarKa (resending)

“We want to take this opportunity to update our neighbors on the Powder House for Somerville project located at 1060 Broadway in Somerville.

This community-based project is on track to revolutionizing the way public/private developments can unite our community through architecture, landscape and art while elevating the quality of life for everyone. Much is going on behind the scenes between our stakeholders and all is coming together better than ever anticipated.


Exploratory demolition and remediation commenced in February of 2017 and continued through July of 2017. The only way to understand the complexities of the building structurally, seismically and environmentally was to dissect it. This greatly informed the design process. The design process concluded with a full architectural set later than originally anticipated in mid-December 2017. Kaplan is currently pricing the set with the subcontractor community.

Construction is on track to commencing in late winter 2018.

Construction is scheduled to conclude summer 2019.

More announcements to come! As always, we encourage all to keep the dialogue open with us. I am personally here to openly discuss the project any time with anyone.

For more project information, please visit our website at: http://www.markacommunities.com/powderhouse


The developer MarKa has chosen Kaplan Construction

Project Executive: Nate Peck, Cell: 617-719-4960, Project Manager: Barry Markham, Cell: 617-678-1153

It looks like the Powderhouse construction 3-week look ahead can be found at:


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President, Board of Aldermen

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