Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Tarah LLEWELLYN (B&E) & Jonathan ZAKAS (B&E, Possession E)

On Wednesday, February 28, 2018, while on full uniform patrol in marked unit 781, I (Officer Edna DaCosta), and my partner Officer Patrick Canty, was dispatched to the XXX construction site at Foley Street for a report of a motion alarm.  Marked unit 782 (Officer Juan Ducasse), and 783 (Officer Tyler Sousa), were sent as backup.  While in route dispatched informed us the alarm company could see a male and female in the building.  Officers entered the building and conducted a building search.

Officer Canty and I found the defendants on the stairwell of the second floor.  The defendants were carrying three boxes of tiles.  The defendants were identified as Jon Zakas, and Tarah Llewellyn.  Zakas immediately stated he worked XXXX, which is a subcontractor of XXXX.  Upon further investigation, Zakas stated he was working late trying to make some overtime money.  He stated Llewellyn was his girlfriend and she was helping finish the work.  Zakas was evasive in his reasoning for being there at that time.  He provided a phone number for his boss and stated he was told to be there.

Officer Canty was able to speak to XXXX, the site manager for XXXX.  XXXX stated that no workers were authorized to be on the property, and the last employees had left at 8:00 PM.  XXXX stated he contacted the president of XXXX and was told no one was authorized to be working.  Llewellyn originally spelled her name wrong, however Detective Fernando Cicerone was able to find her in the CJIS system.  Zakas was intentionally being vague of his criminal history saying he has never been in trouble and he lived in New Hampshire.  Detective Ciccerone was able to find his criminal history in New Hampshire, and it showed numerous larcenies and breaking and enterings.

When asked how they entered the building Zakas stated through an unlocked door.  Officer Canty followed up with Mr. XXXX who stated he was absolutely sure no contractor should have been in the building and he wanted to press charges.  Based on the above facts, Officer Canty placed Zakas under arrest and I placed Llewellyn under arrest.  Zakas stated they drove to the construction site in a white Ford Fusion.  Officers were able to locate a white Ford Fusion, NH Tag XXXX, registered to Zakas, parked directly outside of the construction zone.  Officers were able to see in plain site numerous tools and construction equipment.  McManus was advised and stated he would make a list of any items that may be missing in the morning.

Both defendants were transported to the Somerville Police Department, by marked transport unit 200 (Officer Justin Brown), and booked in the usual manner by the Commander Lt Diogo DeOliveira and Sgt. Rico Isidoro. During the booking process officer Justin Brown found Zakas in possession of three pills.  Zakas stated they were Adderall.  He was subsequently charged with possession of class E substance.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Edna DaCosta 346

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