Luis LIZARDO (Armed Robbery) Robbed at Knifepoint at Capuano School Somerville

On Thursday, February 15, 2018, while on full uniform patrol in marked unit 781, I(Officer Patrick Canty) was dispatched to The Capuano School for a report that two juvenile victims had been robbed at knife point. Marked unit 784 (Officer Clark) was dispatched as back up. Upon arrival, I met the victims, identified as (JV1) and (JV2). JV1 stated the suspect stole his phone and ran up Glen Street toward the East Somerville School. I relayed this information to Officer Clark. Officers Clark, K9( Officer Sullivan(, and S8/S9 (Sgt. Shackelford and Sgt. Sylvester) saturated the area in an attempt to locate the suspect.

I asked JV1 for a description one more time. He stated the suspect was a Hispanic male with a double braid. He said he was wearing a black hat. He said he had a black T shirt with red in the middle, and black pants. Jv1 stated the knife was a little with a small blade and was silver and black. I again relayed this information to responding units. Dispatched then informed units that the phone was still turned on. We used the find my IPhone App. The phone was pinged on Broadway in between Broadway Place and Lincoln Street. As we continued to refresh the App, the location changed. The second location was at Broadway and Mt. Vernon Street. The third location was at Broadway and Mt. Pleasant Street. As the App was updating, I was calling these locations over the air to responding units.

Detective Jones stated over the air, he saw a male matching the description walking East on Broadway at the last location I relayed. Detective Jones and Officer Clark stopped the suspect, identified as Luis Lizardo. Detective Jones stated Lizardo had a white Iphone 5 in his front pocket, and a small knife that was in the open position in his back pocket. Please see Detective Jones’ supplemental report for a detailed description of his interaction with the defendant. Officer Clark called over the air for me to call the victim’s phone. I called the phone and Officer Clark answered the phone in the defendant’s possession. Lizardo also had a second cell phone in his back pocket.

I then told the victims we would be conducting a Show Up Identification. The victims agreed, and I read them the instructions from our form per department policy. I transported the victims in the back of my marked cruiser to the scene. The suspect was standing next to Detective Jones and Sgt Detective Sal Fusco, both wearing plain clothes. The suspect was not handcuffed and standing in a well lit area. As we drove past JV1 said “that’s him for sure, I can tell by the shirt, and the hat  too.” He said “a 10 on a scale of 1-10.” I will be adding the Show Up forms to the report.

I relayed to officers that there was a positive identification and he was placed under arrest by Officer Shaun Clark. Lizardo was read his Miranda Warnings in Spanish by Officer Juan Ducasse. Lizardo stated “I found that phone on the ground, I didn’t take it from him.” He was then transported by the transport wagon, 200(Officer Justin Brown) and booked in the usual manner by the Commander (Sgt Scott Whalen).

Once the victims were able to calm down, they told me what happened in detail. JV1 stated as he and JV2 were walking to the Capuano School, Lizardo approached them from behind and asked for a cigarette. JV1 told him they don’t have any. Lizardo said “don’t be lying to me, I know you got one.” Lizardo then put his arm around Jv1 and stated “Just give me a cigarette.” Jv 1 said he didn’t have any and to leave him alone. Lizardo then showed Jv1 a knife and said ” Give me your phone or some shit about to happen.” Jv 1 said “no” and Lizardo said ” Give me the phone or I’m going to stab you.” JV1 gave him his white Iphone 5 and his Iphone head phones. Lizardo the attempted to grab JV1 and said ” Give me your shit too,” and JV2 ran. Lizardo then turned and ran back up Glen street making a left onto Flint Street, where JV1 lost sight of him. The victims were able to call the police on JV2’s phone.

I was able to take pictures of victim’s phone with a camera provided to me by Sgt Shackelford, they will be attached to this report. As to not inconvenience the juvenile victim,JV1 was given his phone back, and he was able to prove it was his phone by placing the correct passcode in ii and unlocking the screen. The knife was taken as evidence.

I contacted JV1’s mother,XXXX. Ms. XXXX only spoke Spanish, however I was able to speak with her daughter, XXXX, and advised her on what happened. XXXX stated she would relay the information to her mother.

I attempted to contact JV2’s mother, XXXX, however was unable too.

Respectfully sumbitted,

Officer Patrick Canty 306

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