Somerville News Weekly Speakup Line:Bad News Has Only Just Begun to Surface at Somerville PD

Dear Billy T and Somerville News Weekly Speakup Line,

News flash for the administrators at the Somerville Police Department!! Over 100 men and women, civilian and law enforcement, came out in support of Dante at the police station this past Friday. You administrators, and I purposely do not use the word “cop,” because u are not, nor have you ever been one of us; you had to walk through a gauntlet of men and women who didn’t want to shake your hands, as u entered the academy room or stood in the lobby, you knew it, but you still tried; it was a sad spectacle.

I feel terrible for anyone who has to work for you. The men and women who showed up Friday, those employed by the PD, some of them on promotional lists, some of them very young and early in their careers, knew they were taking big risks by showing up in support of someone the Mayor wants fired! They all knew that attendance was being taken, yet still showed. That takes guts. They have all grown weary of the “conspiracy of silence.” It did my heart good to see that so many turned out despite knowing what it could mean for their livelihoods. The men and women who work the street do not trust you, like you or respect you! The Board of Alderman now recognize what the SPD is; a rudderless ship, led by spineless, cowardly men. Do everyone a favor, those of you on the second floor, and abandon ship; it’s all over. You have run the vessel into the rocks! The bad news has only just begun.

Retired Somerville Police LT Joseph McCain

One thought on “Somerville News Weekly Speakup Line:Bad News Has Only Just Begun to Surface at Somerville PD”

  1. These brave dedicated SPD officers not only talked the talk, but they walked the walk in support of a fellow officer. Way to go!

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