East Somerville Main Streets Important Community Meeting

East Somerville Main Streets needs you!

East Somerville Main Steets le necesita!

Hi Neighbor,

We would love to invite you to our next meeting on Thursday February 15 at 6:00pm at MudFlat pottery school at 81 Broadway. We will talk about all upcoming events for 2018, and different ways in which you can get involved to make them even more amazing!

Looking forward to seeing you on February 15, 2018 at MudFlat (81 Broadway)!

Julie Allen,

Chair of Resident Engagement Committe

Queridos Vecinos:

Nos gustaría invitarlos a una reunión para hablar de diferentes posibles maneras en las que ustedes se pueden involucrar con la comunidad ayudando a organizar nuestros increibles eventos del 2018. La reunion se celebrara el jueves 15 de febrero en MudFlat Studios en el 81 de la Broadway.

Les esperamos.

Julie Allen

Directora del Comite de Vecinos

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