Real Life Somerville Police Stories:David LOUGHRAN (Shoplifting)


On September 21, 2017, while assigned to Assembly Row as unit Alpha-3, I was contacted by K-mart LP Associate XXXXX on my department issued cell phone. XXXXX stated he had a male randomly selecting merchandise with no reason apparent. He also stated that the male entered the fitting room with three jackets, several shirts, and several pairs of shorts. A few minutes later XXXXX stated the male who was later identified as Mr. David Loughran exited the fitting room and another LP associate checked the fitting room and found there to be no t-shirts or shorts. I watched Mr. Loughran exit the store and make his way towards Grand Union Blvd. I stopped to speak to Mr. Loughran in front of Express outlet on Artisan way. I called into dispatch and explained I would be off with a party. East-1 (Officers Vannostrand and Brown) and East-4 (Officer Collette) responded as backup. I explained to Mr. Loughran the situation and explained I could see the t-shirts and a second jacket under his sweatshirt. Mr. Loughran admitted to taking the clothes and I asked him to sit on the sidewalk while I waited for the backup. Upon other units arriving I asked Officer Collette to stand with Mr. Loughran and I ran the information Mr. Loughran gave me on the mobile data terminal in my cruiser. The picture on the license that corresponded to the information he gave me did not appear to be him at all nor did the height and weight on the BOP match him. At this time I placed Mr. Loughran into handcuffs (DL). Officer Vannostrand ran Mr. Loughran through another database and checked for tattoos, which gave us the correct identity. Mr. Loughran had given us his brother’s information. Upon querying the correct name it was determined there were several warrants for Mr. Loughran. He was informed he was under arrest and I requested the prisoner transport vehicle (Unit-200) to our location. Mr. Loughran was transported to the police department by Officer Collazo in 200 and was booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant Sheehan. Due to Mr. Loughran selecting, concealing, and leaving the store without paying for the merchandise he was also charged with shoplifting by asportation. 



         Respectfully submitted,


         Officer Christopher Fusco #328

One thought on “Real Life Somerville Police Stories:David LOUGHRAN (Shoplifting)”

  1. This is a great blog and a great resource for Somerville residents. Thank you for all your hard work. However, as a reader and Somerville resident I would request that you not publish the names of people who are arrested. The punishment is whatever the legal system decides–not that plus having this come up whenever your name is googled, forever following you and giving a sense of shame that makes it more difficult to move past your mistakes and move on with life.

    For more info see here:

    The stories of officers’ work are interesting and the blog could keep those while leaving the individuals unidentified.
    Thank you for your consideration.

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