A Letter To Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone


Dear Mayor Joseph Curtatone,

In response to the recent post on your own personal Facebook page patting yourself on the back for years of accomplishments for schools and what not, lets cut the crap. 

Just to let you know that its your job to do that! You are the mayor, we elected you to do that. Did you forget?

That’s your job to better the community! That’s your job to help the citizens of Somerville! That’s your job to help our school children! So stop pounding your chest and trying to take extra credit for it because that’s your job that you get paid almost $200,000 a year for to do!

 I can tell you that it’s not your job using the powers of your office to workout backroom deals for your own personal gain!

 It’s not your job to allow your DPW commissioner to self-profit off all the city vendors and rig the vendors bidding process! 

Its not your job to allow your DPW Commissioner the rigging of residents of Somerville city’s water bills! 

Its not your job to allow your DPW Commissioner to delete his personal municipal water bill liens on his own properties so he can sell them without paying for water use at the cost of the taxpayers! 

Its not your job to allow a DPW Manager to restore his antique Oldsmobile convertible on the city dime for his own personal gain on the city time clock with parts charge to the city’s parts store account. 

It’s not your job to intentionally close down an offramp leading down to a business districts just to squeeze out local property owners for your own personal gain after they rejected your purchase offer of a used car dealer and a fast food hamburger franchise chain property. Retaliation, its not your job neither to intentionally divert traffic from these store and properties owners and intentionally starving them for business by cutting off their flow of customer traffic so you and your personal developers and associates can scoop them up for pennies on the dollar because there is no more traffic leading down to their properties. 

It’s not your job to extort qualified eligible individuals seeking to join the Somerville Fire Department and try to sell them a fire department job for cash through your DPW Commissioner. 

It’s not your job to take people‘s properties by eminent domain for the betterment of the community then turn around and bypass municipal bidding systems then selling the properties back to your friends and personal business associates for their own personal gain. 

Its not your job to direct one of your Somerville Police captains to cover up the many important criminal investigations that he swept under the rug for you including your own Somerville Police officer cousin’s bogus claims and string of criminal activities that the taxpayers are still paying $86,000 a year in salaries for as well as for the DPW scandal as he did with no hesitation whatsoever which is a criminal offense for him as well. 

It’s not your job to allow cocaine use including for your own personal pleasure to indulge the illegal narcotic product in the DPW yard as well in the presence of witnesses and covered up by the same Somerville police captain for you.  

Its not your job to shakedown property owners for your own personal nor profit off the city of Somerville and its residents!

Its not your job to allow your DPW Commissioner to extort all your vendors that work in the city to force them to contribute to your campaign’s as well!

It’s not your job to allow complementary curb cuts and complementary DPW paving and other work for your friends and cronies!

It’s not your job to hire a local newspaper through city municipal ads that the taxpayers pay forto try to humiliate and intimidate political opponents and witnesses as your own personal agent as well as orchestrate a fictional Facebook page to bash everybody because your a coward!

But Mr. Mayor there is way too much to more to mention but I can tell you one thing though that the good people of Somerville can finally read through your bullshit and they will fix this problem on November 7th, election day and vote you out of office!

I am very sure that the hundreds of people whose lives and careers that you have destroyed with your threatening corruption criminal activity will all come forward and unite on Election Day as well as for your indictment and trial to look you in the eye.  

Also Joe if you would like we could meet you and commissioner Koty, before the election in a public forum and you can have the opportunity to pick and choose any articles that I have written over the years in dispute them with us in person in front of a live audience.

We would love to be there to see your face as we present you with the overwhelming evidence to backup all of our claims in articles. Not to take me up on this offer is just more burden proof that you are a corrupt coward and that all of my claims and articles are correct about you and your reign of corruption.  

There should have been a hero’s welcome and a ticker tape parade for your accomplishments but instead over the past ten to twelve years behind your political smoke show there have been many rumors of a ticking time bomb of the feds being in town. Now maybe those spoken rumors are an actual reality ready to knock down your door with a battering ram some early morning. 

We’re very sure that after this you are going to command your fictional Facebook clowns that you direct and direct them to bash us with fictional characters and more of your typical bullshit that you and Commissioner Koty orchestrate but we have thick skin and we will have the last laugh.  

The ten page story coming out this week in the September 26th issue of The Somerville News Weekly, “The Grand Theft of Somerville, The Untold Story” will tell it all and seal the deal. 

Mayor Curtatone, you have not only let down and betrayed the people that believed in you. The residents of Somerville, the business community of Somerville, the taxpayers of Somerville, your constituents and your friends and family believed in a promising young man with a promising upcoming future, but Joe sadly you have also let yourself down!


William Tauro, Publisher, The Somerville News Weekly

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  1. So the mayor runs various state agencies, somehow commits glaring violations of state law and never gets charged with it, and dips into his product from his DPW cocaine cartel? Sounds kind of awesome when you put it like that.

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