Here’s Your Weekly Dosage of Our Somerville News Weekly Newstalk Shoutout/Speakup Line for 9/12/2027



Dear Billy T and Somerville News Weekly Speakup Line,
Hey bud, can you believe our buddy Mayor Joe Curtatone has the gall and asked the Somerville Teacher’s Union to endorse him for mayor? 

Yet he takes his kid that is going to high school to Arlington Catholic. 

Nice way to show trust in on our Somerville School System and the need for a new high school.

A pissed off Somerville resident
“Drain the Swamp!”


We are hearing the Mayor Joe is building a new home in Winchester for himself. We wonder if he is using any of the same contractors that was doing special projects for commissioner Stanley in Winchester and down in Falmouth for the past few years creating a massive conflict of interest. We also heard of these contractors were city contractors/city vendors as well. 

We can also assure you that we will be looking into it and bring you all the details as soon as we receive more info but in the meanwhile if anyone knows anything about this please feel free to inbox us. And as always all calls are strictly confidential!


It’s amazing how many trolls are out there posting on our news sites that are leading right back to the same person the mayor has hired to bash us every week   

You got to love all trails leading back to them and of course they are automatic deleted an banded from our sites with the simple push of a button. 


In these times, people need to come forward. There is nothing this mayor can do anymore to retaliate. With these allegations, the mayor and his administration are going to be so highly scrutinized we doubt very much that they wouldn’t dare do something stupid at this point and time. And if they tries, it just proves corruption. But then again, we are going to make sure that they don’t get an opportunity to strike again neither. With all the technology and news that is coming out, they don’t have the power they used to. It’s time this city comes together to do the right thing for its residents and “Drain the Swamp” in this election!


This election will be very interesting in Somerville and hopefully Mayor Curtatone will receive just like Hillary did during her recent election in the 11th hour, a James Comey type of surprise by a Federal official or two or three dropping a bombshell in the form of criminal indictments on the mayor and his posse! Yeah got a love it and a long time overdue!
How much more can the people of Somerville endure with this administration with these political hacks taking care of each other on their own financial gain and not doing the right thing for the people of Somerville? 
Sometimes you got to draw the line and say enough is enough. 
In these final countdown days and weeks with the primary coming up thisTuesday September 19th and the general election in November, it’s up to the good people of Somerville to tell their friends, neighbors, relatives, strangers etc, etc vote ABC “Anybody But Curtatone!”

Please feel free to share this to help to finally “Drain The Swamp and get these selfserving freeloading people out of power!”


Just in case you’re out and about looking for our print editions during all this election news season and you cannot find it that means the mayor’s hoods are out there stealing our publications so you the readers can’t read the truth about them but here is the complete list where you can find them as well:

The Somerville News Weekly Print edition that comes out every Tuesday and can be found weekly in the bright red Somerville News boxes located at the following locations across the Ville: Union Sq. Post Office, Dunkin Donuts Magoun Sq/Dunkin Donuts Somerville Ave (across rink)/Dunkin Donuts Broadway at McGrath Hwy/ Dunkin Donuts Middlesex Ave, Dunkin Donuts Twin City Plaza, Clairton Hill Bus stop, Victor’s Deli & Ball Square Cafe in Ball Square, Winter Hill Post Office and Davis Square in front of Mike’s Restaurant. The paper can also be found at all municipal buildings including Somerville City Hall, Traffic & Parking and all Council of Ageing Buildings, Casey’s Bar Broadway, All Winter Hill Banks, Nissenbaum’s Auto Parts, Cambridge Portugese Credit Union, Century Bank, Lotus Express, Brady Towers, Claidon Hill Apartments, Cobble Hill Apparetments, The Armory, Quick Mart Highland Ave, Somerville High, & Eleven next to Trum Field, 350 Foodmart, Jerrys Liquors, West 7 Bistro Broadway, Somerville Credit Union, The Arts at the Armory Highland Ave, Most Senior Apartment Buildings, Somerville Police Station, Wedgewood Crane & Connolly Ins Agency Davis Square, Leone’s Pizza on Broadway, Angelina’s Sub Shop on Holland Street, Vinnie’s Superette on Broadway ,Cambridge Mobile Sound 234 Monsignor O’Brien Highway, Somerville Computers, Vinnie’s Superette, Broadway Sunoco, MT Pleasant Apts 70 Perkins St,Sovereign Bank Broadway, Properzi Manor 13-25 Warren Avenue. Properzi Manor, Winter Hill Bakery, 240 Pearl Street Apartments, Mount Pleasant Apartments 70 Perkins Street, Joe’s Liquor Store on Broadway ,Dunkin Donuts Powderhouse, Joe’s liquor store Broadway, Santandare Bank Broadway, Somerville Public Library Broadway, Woodys Liquors Broadway, the Italian Sausage Wizard located down at Assembly Square and in just about every little store in and around the Ville! If you want your store location to be listed here as well on where to find The Somerville News Weekly, simply just call Billy Tauro at (617)293-2016 or email him at and we will add you to our ever growing popular list of pick-up-locations across the Ville.


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