Somerville DPW Very Suspiciously Shutting Down Shop for Two Days

By William Tauro 

We are wondering why Somerville DPW Commissioner Koty sent out an email that the Somerville Department of Public Works will be shutting down the city yard and DPW from tonight Monday night from 4:30 PM tonight, Monday September 11th untill 6:30 AM tomorrow Morning and again on tomorrow on Tuesday night September 12th at 4:30 PM to until Wednesday morning September 13th at 6:30 AM. 

Some employees at the city yard are getting freaked out thinking either they are planning (The commissioner and administration) to sweep the building for electronic listening devices or maybe even put some bugs in place of their own to listen in to find out what’s going on with their own listening devices.     

Some people at the DPW are even speculating that there might even be a raid tomorrow and they don’t want witnesses and people around to tip off the media or get any photos of people being hauled away just before the election but who knows?

As this story is developing and continues to unfold we will keep you posted but please, if you know anything concerning this matter please post it on our Somerville News Weekly Facebook site for the world to see. 

5 thoughts on “Somerville DPW Very Suspiciously Shutting Down Shop for Two Days”

  1. No matter how you look at it , it’s time to cover up. Go to the mattresses , lay low . Thus is not blowing over and the proverbial shit is going to hit the fan.Well all good (bad) things come to an end . It’s to bad people ( innocent ) got burned by these fools. I hope some type of restitution comes out of this…..

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