Letter to the Editor:Somerville Saying Goodbye Is Hard To Do

This would have been the start of my 17th year working at Renee’s Café in Somerville, but unfortunately I was told by the new owner not to return this fall.


For years I have served breakfast to some of the most wonderful people I have ever met. It wasn’t just a job for me; it was meeting people, getting to know them and to watch them go from dating, to married and then raising a family. Sharing stories of joy and sadness but mostly sharing a lot of laughs. I will miss all of you, especially my co-workers Celeste, Andrew and Manny, my stand-out customers Al, Bob, Liz & kids but most of all my “Cheesecake Factory” boys. It’s been a great run and I wish to thank the previous owners Bernie and Paul for giving me the opportunity to work at Renee’s all these years. I will be forever grateful for being a part of your Saturday morning breakfast experience.  



Cheryl McGovern


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  1. Cheryl this is sad. I remember going to Rene’s and meeting you and Mary. I remember waiting for one of your tables. You were amazing every time and the food was always delicious. Thank you so much for being there all these years. Rene’s will no longer be in my breakfast spots. Luciana

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