Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Jose NUNEZ (Disorderly Conduct)

I, Officer Joseph S. Teves was working in full uniform assigned to marked cruiser East 4. I was driving Northbound on Temple Street, responding to a past dispute that had occurred at 25 River Road. As I was approaching the area of 89 Temple Street I observed a male party, who would be identified as Jose Nunez, openly exposing himself and urinating on the sidewalk. As I was slowing down to stop Mr. Nunez noticed that I was pulling up in my marked police cruiser. I would like to note that despite seeing a police vehicle approaching Mr. Nunez took absolutely no action to shield himself or put his genitalia back into his pants. Instead Mr. Nunez finished urinating and nonchalantly shook his penis several times prior to putting it back in his pants. I exited my cruiser and approached Mr. Nunez. I asked Mr. Nunez what he was doing. Mr. Nunez looked at me and plainly stated “what? I needed to take a piss”. When I inquired about the possibility of finding a more secluded place to relieve himself Mr. Nunez stated “pissing here was better than pissing in my pants”. I would like to note that during my interaction with Mr. Nunez, he acted like there was absolutely nothing wrong with his actions. I explained that Mr. Nunez that I would be taking him into custody for disorderly conduct. I requested that the mobile transportation unit (200) be sent to my location to transport Mr. Nunez back to the station, where he was booked by Lt. Rymill.


Respectfully submitted,

Officer Joseph S. Teves # 297


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