Letter to the Editor:Welcome Back Entrance of the Dark Days and Corruption of Somerville 


Dear Billy and Somerville Speak Up Line,

You know with all the talk about very fake news these days I’m glad to see that you guys are printing all the news that nobody else has the balls to print. 
We just moved out of Somerville a year ago and its the only thing I’ll give credit to Joe for is discouraging me and many other lifelong residents from staying in Somerville. My house in East Somerville sold for an exorbitant amount of money. 
Somerville used to be the trashiest area where we could barely get anybody to rent when we had leases come available. But a lot of the credit has to go to previous ministrations as well! Joe just brought us back to the entrance of the dark days and corruption of Somerville once again. 
So we got out just in time. But I hope that you manage to take him down. Myself nor my family don’t like him, never did and I hope you don’t let them intimidate you into not publishing all these stories 
You guys are the best!


A former Somerville resident

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