What Do Our Somerville Firefighters and Union Workers Truly Mean to the Mayor?: “Firefighters Can Die and Go to Hell”

By William Tauro 

To all you brother and sister firefighters and union people out there, let’s never forget Mayor Joe’s Spineless Coward Firefighters Hate Video “Firefighters Can Die and Go to Hell”

This is a reminder of what the real Mayor Joe had cowardly sent to the news about five or six years ago and not so long ago during a labor union dispute with the firefighters. 
Out to dinner one night the mayor asked a news reporter who was dining with him at a restaurant in Teele Square to do him a quick favor as he texted him a link to post on the ” former” Somerville News website (Please note: Not The Somerville News Weekly) explaining to him that it was a video for the firefighters. 
So with only a flip phone at the time unable to view the video like today’s modern day smartphones, the reporter without hesitation and carelessly without reviewing it while thinking that he was doing the right thing to help the firefighters at the same time trusting the mayor’s integrity forwarded it over to the news office. 

Where it was at a very late hour at the time of receiving the video, an overnight-on-call news employee working from home just minutes before the news deadline time again noticed that the reporter sent the video in from the mayor who also trusted the mayor’s integrity then reluctantly just posted it without reviewing it.   
Early the next morning the news office was informed of what but Mayor had really sent them. It was a disgusting firefighter hate video and everybody including the news staff were outraged. The news staff spared no time and it was removed immediately from the online news site.  
Obviously the mayor had intentionally set them up and took advantage of them with this rush posting on the 11th hour, but the news owners and staff took full responsibility for this and offered an apology for posting it as well as for not reviewing it first and haistingly posting it.  
But then again this is Mayor Joe who in any sneaky capacity needs other people to do his dirty work for him. But as explained in this case the newspaper employee was taken advantage of and played fool of but still owned up to it. 
Mayor Joe is a person who still to this day hasn’t been straight up honest enough to come forward and admit sending it and take responsibility. 
Evidence of this deceitful and cowardly act by the mayor still exists especially where witnisses have come forward to prove this story. 
Makes you wonder even more about the lack of respect that this mayor has for our brother and sister police officers as well when you see that ‘Black Lives Matter’ banner hanging over City Hall!
And oh yes, I was that young reporter who fell for the mayor’s dirty trick that evening and eventually just cover his ass as he cowardly hid behind me. But like I said, “I owned up to it and took full responsibility for posting it.”
Click on link below to view the video that the mayor had sent to the news:

4 thoughts on “What Do Our Somerville Firefighters and Union Workers Truly Mean to the Mayor?: “Firefighters Can Die and Go to Hell””

  1. Give me five minutes along in with him. I’ll fix him. Anytime you think your man enough i meet you one on one. Cambridge Fire lieutenant Matt Brannelly retired. Do you have any balls joey boy. You scum.

  2. As a citizen and family member of a Somerville Firefighter, I must say this video is sickening. I wonder if the Mayor would feel this way if his son was out fighting the series of arsons that happened a few years back. Mayor Curtatone at best is a poor example of a Mayor.

  3. Before the people of Somerville become all outraged by this Sanctuary City loving but fire fighting hating Mayor, they should look in their mirrors. They elected this man and stand by as he has made it a Mecca for illegals. This one is on you.

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