Kenneth Salvato Announces Candidacy for East Somerville Ward 1 School Committee


My name is Kenneth Salvato and I am pleased to announce my candidacy for East Somerville Ward 1 School Committee. Many of you know I am a lifelong resident of East Somerville. I reside at 28 Brook Street with my family. Both my parents were employees of the City of Somerville for over 35 years combined. My father was a sanitation worker and my mother was a lunch aid at the East Somerville Community School. I have been very active in the neighborhood, Ward 1, obtaining signatures and interacting with the community. During my previous candidacies, I have created a 5 Point Plan. I am committed to follow through with this plan.

 My 5 Point plan consists of: # 1: Homework clubs: Homework clubs which will help to reinforce academic skills, by teaching the students the value of a good education and provide them with the support and tools to succeed in academics. # 2: For students who are experiencing learning barriers due to the fact that English is not their primary language. I would research successful programs in other school districts and implement a Model State of the Art program in our schools to address the unique challenges of these students. # 3: Teen workshops: I have been developing these workshops since the 2015 elections. I begin working closely with many of our surrounding retail stores by creating a partnership with these businesses to help students secure a part-time work experience exposing them to possible career paths. # 4: Anti-tobacco and Drug meetings: By creating a committee to establish the best practices in the profession to address this need and to locally build a program that will effectively focus on these issues and curb the epidemic of the drug and alcohol use in our community. I would provide transportation for our children with help by their parents and bring them to safety where they can obtain professional help. # 5: Bullying: It is a serious problem. Not only in our schools and playgrounds but also in our community. I am committed to develop an anti-bully program, “BE a BUDDY NOT a BULLY”. I have talked to many parents and there was much concern surrounding this topic. I will work very closely with the families involved and help develop this program using knowledge and compassion.

I plan to take a $ 5000.00 pay cut to help fund and establish my 5 Point plan. I am running a campaign based on commitment and dedication. I am not backed by other politicians. I am solely funded and I am someone who has been there along. We need someone who is dedicated, someone determined. That someone is me, Kenneth Salvato.  

I am very open to ideas and look forward to working with the families of Ward 1. I look forward to earning your vote on November 7.

Thank you and God Bless


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