Reality Bites by James A. Norton


A summer of fun and politics, as usual…


I have said it before and I will say it again – we have some really stupid people that live in this city. There are various levels of stupid, too. Of course, if you listen to some of those medium to full-blown stupid people, who think they’re part of the cool crowd, they might have you believe that I once again just called everyone in Somerville stupid. Nothing like proving me right every time, dummies…


I remember a long time ago, a certain Mayor told me that when it comes to politics, do whatever the Hell you want, but if it ever turns out to be a stupid move, then just ignore it. That kind of speaks to my long standing theory that administrations over the years in Somerville tend to ignore embarrassingly stupid issues and situations, unless of course they can get a thousand or so people shuttled in from Brookline and Cambridge to a rally. Then anything goes, in the land of dumb and dumber, my brother.


Since we have decided to start doing a regular podcast both for the newspaper and for ourselves outside of the more balanced realm of things to publicly promote various political and community groups in and around the city, it has become clear that although the Mayor might not be unseated this election cycle, his days are numbered. Aside from the various contributors to this newspaper, me being one of them, who will do their level-headed best to weekly call him out for his shenanigans and wonder when the voters will dump him and the people who blindly support him on the Board of Aldermen and School Committee out of office, it has become clear to us that this, like Trump, is not some fad that will go away, but has traction. People are starting to voice their displeasure with the powers that be.


You know it’s bad when the old school Villens and the Liberals have both had enough of you and want you to bounce.


At first, a few weeks ago, when I came out and said it was time for the Mayor to go away, I expected to have the same kinds of threats, nasty emails and Facebook hate pages tossed in my direction like the wave that crashed over me when I said a long long time before the Presidential Election that Trump was worth voting for and to watch him win. Yeah we are going to keep banging that gong, because it was a big win and we had it right from the very beginning. Then I thought about it. I wrote my column in a way that wasn’t terribly disrespectful and nodded to the various good works done by the Mayor since he was elected, with a further nod to his predecessors, who got out when the getting was good.


As I look forward to the next several months of politics in Somerville, I intend to bring up some very good points, be very critical of people who had no business being in office in the first place, and hammering on stupidity because to tell you the truth, I am a full-blown racist when it comes to stupid people. I loathe them. It doesn’t matter whether they’re in the corner office on Highland Avenue, in the DPW yard, in Ball Square, Davis Square – it doesn’t matter to me anymore. Change needs to come, and I will help lead the charge to get rid of those who only want to further their own agenda, make themselves richer and bullshit the people of this city into reelecting them.


It’s time to drain the swamp right here at home. Right here in Somerville. Right now. Don’t be that person who had a chance to make a difference and did nothing. Become informed, open your eyes, and use your votes wisely. Hopefully we here at the Somerville News Weekly can help you get to where you need to go. We promise not to hang a stupid banner or bang a stupid gong without explaining ourselves. You deserve better. Now go get em, sparky. Don’t be a donkey. #GMK #GTBTP

One thought on “Reality Bites by James A. Norton”

  1. Always a delight (read:sarcasm. One must clarify based on what appears to be an epic struggle to discern) to see revelry in all that “swamp draining” going (or is it “gonging”) nationally (again, read: sarcasm) and “hoping” we can do the same.

    In a continuing surge of conjecture wrapped around outright distortions, we have this diatribe bereft of actual information. Oh we get it….you don’t like Joe. Fair enough. There are many sides to a political community. I certainly believe in a proper checks and balances system and every party is subject to lure of the great power grab. But the mechanics of these feedback loops (your opinions and it’s targeted audience, I suppose “Villens”–who apparently aren’t “liberals” (?)) and it’s resultant echo chambers often cite things that have no basis in facts.

    If there’s corruption, where’s your eveidence? Actual evidence mind you, not distractions of a facts or what has become ever increasingly closer to libel (it’s the fuzziness of that 1st Ammendment that can really getcha).

    Let’s be clear, we should all engage in a healthy community discussion about how to make the best Somerville we can. And toast to our discussion in a civilized manner and let the chips fall where they may. But when that glass is being filled with questionable liquid and the trust broken at the whims of misenthropic-tinged poison pens, then we serve no good to anyone.

    So please feel free to have opinions that look to inform but done so with information based on actuality not straw men and distortion fields. I welcome the healthy debate under those terms and those alone. Otherwise that swamp stays filled to the detriment of us all.

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