Letter to the Editor:Royal Caribbean Rainbow Flag Over Old Glory, Is It Being Flown Correctly?

Hi Bill,

Nice talking to you today. Here’s the picture I took. It was taken today (June 26, 2017)

This is the Royal Caribbean headquarters in Port of Miami Florida and where I am a stationed across the street here staring at this flag every day. I just was wondering about the proper positioning protocol of flags that’s when I Googled it and came across your article in TheSomervillenewsweekly.com that is linked below. 
I guess if you could keep me listed as a concerned citizen it would be appreciated. 
I really don’t care about what sexual orientation people have. Just wanna show old glory the respect it deserves. 

Thanks again!


Concerned Citizen Raises Issue & Asked Yacht Club to Remove Flag on 4th of July in Error

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