Letter to the Editor:In Response to Your Somerville Cash Cow Article Part II


Dear Bill, Somerville Speak Up Line,

Just finished reading Part II of the Cash Cow series. I’m reminded of something my Portuguese grandmother used to say… “Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear”. I have SEEN a lot of what you write about with my own eyes. Although I am one to want to think the best in people, there are times when I’ve called into question much of what I’ve seen and tried to dismiss as just my own imagination. Your article gives me cause to think that I have been right on the money (no pun intended) all along. God Bless you for calling the parties out on all of this. Whatever your motivation is, it’s about time. I’m guessing that although much of this is unsavory, it’s likely all quite legal. But it gives at least the impression of impropriety and underhandedness and contempt for the citizens of Somerville, who deserve better. 
Finally: I get scared when you and I are thinking the exact same thing.. LOL. I was also thinking it might be time to implement a Plan “E” Government in Somerville…. City Manager with a Strong City Council and a figurehead Mayor. there is currently WAY too much power being concentrated in one person in Somerville. It makes it too easy to influence the leadership.


Somerville resident

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