Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Mottis BROWN (Distribute Class B, Resisting)

Members of the Somerville Police Drug Control Unit have been conducting an investigation involving the above named defendant Mottis Brown. This narcotic investigation was initiated upon receiving intelligence regarding defendant Brown and his alleged cocaine distribution operation within the City of Somerville. A Board of Probation check was done on Brown. The inquiry revealed that Brown has an open case out of Middlesex Superior Court for several illegal drug offenses, which include distribution of controlled substances. Brown also has guilty findings for distribution of controlled substances in the past, where he served time in prison for those offenses.


In the past couple of weeks members of the Somerville Police Drug Control Unit have been initiating surveillance on numerous locations where Brown has been conducting his alleged cocaine transactions. During that period of time, Brown was positively identified by the Somerville Police Drug Control Unit as the operator of a silver Chrysler Town and Country minivan. A CJIS query on this vehicle shows that it is a rental vehicle from Hertz Rental.


While conducting surveillance in the past couple of weeks, observations were made by the Drug Control Unit of Brown making perceived drug deliveries and meeting up with known drug abusers on a regular basis to residences within the City of Somerville.

On 3/21/17, Detectives Cicerone, McNally, Goncalves, along with Gang Unit Sgt. Capasso and I were working in an undercover capacity. At approximately 9:15 pm, observations were made by Detective Cicerone of Brown operating his vehicle on Fellsway West heading toward Broadway. At this time Detectives began to conduct a rolling surveillance of Brown.


Brown began to drive eastbound on Pearl Street where he shortly after took a right onto Franklin St heading toward Washington Street. Brown was then observed parking his vehicle in front of 1XX Washington St, exited the vehicle, walked to the right side of a residence, walk up the side stairs, then turn around and begin to walk down the stairs. Brown was at the residence less than a minute and did not meet up with anyone.


Based on our observations, training and experience, we believe Brown had just conducted an outdoor cocaine delivery. Brown then walked back to his vehicle, where he sat in the driver’s seat. At this time I, along with Detectives Cicerone, McNally, Goncalves and Sergeant Detective Capasso approached Brown to conduct a threshold inquiry.


Once I approached the front of the vehicle I announced to Brown “Police show me your hands”. Brown then looked down at his lap and it appeared that he was manipulating something. Brown then put something in his mouth and it appeared he was swallowing it. At this point we believed that Brown was attempting to destroy evidence (cocaine) by swallowing it. Fearing that Brown could possibly be armed with a weapon also, we escorted him out of his vehicle. As we were escorting Brown out of his vehicle he became combative and began to swing his arms. Detectives began to struggle to put handcuffs on Brown as he continued to swing his arms. Detectives then managed to take Brown to the floor where, after a brief struggle, he was placed in handcuffs for safety. Detective Thermidor, Officer Schneider and Officer McCarey arrived on scene and assisted.


I then began to speak to Brown after he calmed down. As I was speaking to Brown, Det. Cicerone and Sgt. Capasso went to the residence at 1XX Washington St and spoke with a resident. Detective Cicerone advised the resident of our observations regarding what had transpired with Brown. The resident became nervous and advised Detectives that “maybe he [Brown] left something outside for me.” Sgt. Capasso then began to look around the area of the porch where Brown was observed and located a matchbox. In that matchbox Sgt. Capasso observed a white plastic baggie containing a white powdery substance believed to be cocaine.

Upon discovery of the baggie of cocaine, Mr. Brown was placed under arrest. Mr. Brown was then transported to Somerville Police Headquarters via marked unit 200, Officer Singh, where he was booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant Lavey. 


Trooper Daniel Purtell of State Police and his K9 Neko did a sweep of Brown’s vehicle prior to it getting towed. While doing a search of the vehicle Detective McNally located a plastic sandwich bag with a corner cut off in the engine compartment, consistent with a narcotics dealer pushing their product to the corner of a bag and tying it in a knot before tearing it. Two cell phones were also seized and I will be filing for a search warrant at a later date for them. Three hundred and ninety three dollars were also seized.


Respectfully Submitted,

Detective Jason Costa #301


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