By Bob Katzen

Attorney General Maura Healey has partnered with the Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS) to develop informational brochures and an online training program to support doctors in their efforts to prevent gun-related accidents, self-harm and violence by talking to patients about it.
   “Most medical professionals believe that they can have an important role in preventing gun-related injury and death, and yet screening and counseling about guns remain uncommon,” Healey said. “While the vast majority of gun owners are responsible and deeply committed to gun safety, this remains a public health issue, and conversations between patients and health care providers are critically important to preventing gun-related injury and death.”

   “Medical professionals play an essential role in ensuring the safety of their patients,” said Liam Lowney, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance. “The private and uninterrupted discussions doctors and nurses have with patients allow an opportunity to identify violence in the home and offer critical support and resources.”

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