Boston Herald Radio With Mayor Joe Curtatone on Immigration

Went on Herald Radio this a.m. Talked about immigration and snow. Just want to say that these two issue make for a useful contrast. Snow is a concrete problem. It can be a massive and costly problem. It can create lots of side issues (trash removal, parking, kids missing too many school days), but we know what we’re dealing with and generally how to handle it, even when it requires a ton of work. It’s got a hammer-and-nail solution.
Immigration is a much more complex issue. Our system is not in tune with how people come to, live and work in our country, which causes millions of people who should be documented to be undocumented. It requires our government to do the hard work of understanding things at a deeper level. Unfortunately right now we’re being offered fake solutions like building a wall and trying to deport an absurd number of people. This is not a nail, and if we hammer at it all we’ll do is break stuff.
Click on link to hear Mayor Joseph Curtatone interview :

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