Letter to the Editor: An Expecting Dad in Critical Condition in Lahey Hospital Needs Help

Dear Editor,

I am writing about my brother Jonathan See who is in critical condition right now at Lahey Hospital. My husband and my brother were shoveling snow off of a roof on Tuesday afternoon and Jonathan slipped and fell off. He is suffering from a broken femur, broken ankle, foot and arm. As well as a fractured vertebrae in his back. He is on his way to get surgery and whatever else that follows. My brother is such a hard worker who does everything for his family. He has such a kind heart and willing to do anything for anyone. He is an amazing father to Lily See. To say she is Daddy’s little girl is an understatement. He also has a baby girl on the way. He is an amazing partner to the love of his life Dawn Bosselman. He is also the best uncle anyone could ask for to my two girls Bella and Olivia! They adore him.! The very best friend to my husband Jason Raposa and a wonderful son to Debbie See. Words can’t describe what kind of brother he is! We are so thankful that he is alive! This is a miracle . This accident is causing a financial burden because he has to be out of work for several months. If I can help take the financial piece away just a little bit my brother can concentrate on getting well. I am reaching out and doing whatever I can to help in some way. This is a man who goes above and beyond for anyone who is in need and asks for nothing in return. He needs our help now. We appreciate any donation!! We will keep updating about his recovery and how he is doing. 
PLEASE help spread the word! 

Thank you! 

Melanie Raposa (See)
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