One thought on “REAL BAD ICING In Somerville This Morning ”

  1. Looks like Joe dropped the ball! Streets were like glass this morning. I personally got into a bad pile-up involving 4 moving cars and damaging another 4 parked cars. There had been no salting whatsoever done and when I called 311 I was told the trucks got out late. My car slid into another car, which, had already skidded into another car. Both cars were blocking the street horizontally at the bottom of a steep hill that had not been treated when I reached the top of the hill. I could not see the two disabled cars in time and I had nowhere to go. After I hit the foremost car, another skidded into my car creating a bad pile-up. Needless to say, no one expected this kind of road condition in Somerville. Somerville has always been on top of the game when dealing with bad weather. Not this time. Lots of damages and at least 4 people did not make it to work. I have pictures of the pile-up if the paper wants them. I am disappointed with the City and everyone involved plans to file a claim with the city. It’s not ok to suddenly not do what has always been done, therefore blind-siding the residents who expected the roads to have been treated as it always was done before. I also took a fall and I am not sure yet if there is any damage that will need to be dealt with. Is our Mayor too busy with other issues, so that he suddenly fails at the job he has always done well? He spent 1/4 million dollars on a snow melter, but fails to salt the streets before the morning commute? Especially on steep hills? Disappointing and not acceptable. If residents are expected to clear and salt the sidewalks, on penalty of fines, the city needs to clear and salt the streets.

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