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“Harvard University Offering Comfort Zones to Relieve Student’s Stress of Election Woes”

Dear Somerville News Weekly editor:

With all the tragedy going on in the world today that we read about everyday in the news and especially with the ongoing war with ISIS, unemployment, recent acts of homebased terrorism thats out of control and all the other good stuff that goes along with that, Harvard University is focusing strongly around creating comfort zones to help students cope with the 2016 Presidential Election results and our new incoming commander-in-chief. 

Do you think that the world renowned Cambridge Massachusetts based Harvard University is kind of going overboard on this or what?
So many ridiculous decisions from such a prestige college that could change student’s lives for better or for worse forever. 
Check out the letter above that was sent by Harvard University to all students and faculty regarding the comfort zones and let us know what you think?
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