Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Max BARNES (MV Larceny & Receiving Stolen MV)


On 12/10/2016 at around 02:22 hours, while in full uniform and assigned to unit East 2, I was dispatched to Target, which is in the area of Somerville Ave and Medford St. (Both which are a public way in the City of Somerville) for a cab which was just stolen from the parking lot of Green Cab of Somerville. 


The dispatcher from Green Cab, XXXXX, dialed 911 and spoke with the 911 dispatcher to inform, that cab #16 had just been stolen out of the parking lot of Green Cab, which is located on 600 Windsor Place. XXXXX was able to track the stolen cab #16 with GPS and give location to the 911 dispatcher in real time. The location of the cab, when XXXXX called, was by Target in Somerville. Myself and other units responded, however, the cab was not in the area of Target. 911 dispatcher was able to relay, that the new location of the stolen cab #16 was McGrath Highway and Pearl St (Both public ways in the City of Somerville). Responding units converged to the new location of the stolen cab and were able to find and stop the stolen cab #16 in the area of McGrath Hway and Broadway. (Both which are public ways in the City of Somerville).


Stolen can #16 was stopped with a single occupant in the driver seat. The occupant of was later identified to be Max Barnes of Somerville. Mr. Barnes was removed from the driver seat and placed in hand cuffs for his safety and ours. Mr. Barnes was read his Miranda rights and remained silent for the rest of our interaction. The cab driver who was assigned to cab #16, YYYYY, was able to reach out location to retrieve his cab. YYYYY informed me, that he drove to Green Cab to pay his monthly lease fee to operate the cab that was stolen. YYYYY was inside Green Cab headquarters, when XXXXX informed YYYYY, that Can #16 was missing from where it was left parked.


Mr. Barnes was placed under arrest and transported to Police Headquarters to be booked in the usual manner.


Respectfully submitted,


OFC Ramirez, Jose #259

Somerville Police Dept.


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