Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Derek BOUCHARD (Unarmed Burglary, Receiving Stolen Property, Attempt to Commit Crime, Malicious Destruction of Property, Burn MV, B&E MV)

The following is a summary of facts pertaining to incident #16064562:


On Tuesday, October 11, 2016, I was assigned marked unit West 6. At approximately 3:29 am, I was dispatched to 360 Highland Ave for the report of a B&E in progress. Officer Driscoll (West 5), Officer Torres (West 7), Officer Moreira (East 3), Officer Nardone (Sector West), and Sgt. Marino (S8), all responded as backup.


On scene, we were met by XXXXX, the reporting party. XXXXX told us that she observed, a white male, in his late 20’s to early 30’s, wearing all dark clothing, walking around the inside of her neighbors’ home. She also told us that she observed that same male party leaving the home carrying various bags and golf clubs. We then began a sweep of the perimeter of the home. As we entered the backyard, I immediately saw a few bags of items laying on the lawn. These items included ceramic plates and dishes, assorted mail and documents, and small trinkets.


We then entered the home through the backdoor. It should be noted that the glass window to the backdoor was smashed like something had been thrown through it. Upon entering the home we saw that the home had been ransacked. Each room had been left in disarray. Dresser drawers were emptied on to bedroom floors, mattresses had been thrown off of beds, plates and glasses were smashed on the kitchen floor, every cabinet in the kitchen was left open, and the contents of a bathroom closet had been thrown onto the bathroom floor. The search of the home came up empty, we found nobody in the house. During our search we did find a phone number to contact YYYYY, one of the residents. Sgt. Marino contacted her and made her aware of what had happened. YYYYY is on vacation in Maine with the other resident of the home, ZZZZZ.


All officers then left the home and began another sweep of the homes perimeter. At this point Officer Moreira discovered a set of golf clubs with YYYYY’s name embroidered on the bag, as well as red and green handbags containing more ceramic dishes and various other valuables across the street in an alley adjacent to 359 Highland Ave. Sgt. Marino found a hikers backpack containing clothing, hiking gear, boxes of golf balls, and other small valuables, another red handbag containing ceramic dishes, hedge trimmers, loppers, and a blue handbag containing small valuables in an alley adjacent to 353 Highland Ave.


At this point, I heard what I believed to be a car alarm or horn coming from Hawthorne St which is located behind 360 Highland Ave. Due to the fact that we responded to a B&E in the same area, Officer Moreira and I made our way towards where we believed the sounds were coming from. As I drove down Hawthorne St towards Willow Ave I began to hear popping noises and I saw black smoke. I discovered a car in flames in the yard located at XX Hawthorne St. Officer Moreira and I found the car unoccupied and for precautionary reasons we evacuated AAAAA, the car’s owner and sole resident of XX Hawthorne St.


Sometime later, we were alerted to the fact the same individual who had been seen inside the residence at 360 Highland Ave was spotted in the area. Units once again responded and after a brief search I discovered a male fitting the earlier description and later identified as Derek Bouchard rummaging through a bag just inside the yard located at 102 Willow Ave. Mr. Bouchard was searched incident to arrest and items belonging to the residents of 360 Highland Ave were found on his person. Mr. Bouchard was arrested, transported to the police station in unit 200 by Officer Lorenti where he was booked in the usual manner by Lt. Lavey.


At the time of this report Mr. Bouchard is being charged with two counts of Unarmed Burglary c266 s15, Receiving Stolen Property under $250 c266 s60, Burning of a Motor Vehicle c266 s5c, Malicious Destruction of Property over $250 c266 s127a, and B&E Vehicle Boat Nightime for Felony c266 s16D



Respectfully submitted,


Officer Shaun Clark #321

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