Reality Bites by James A. Norton


Sometimes you need to take one for the cause, not just the team…


I have been working very hard on a few work-related projects – some old and ongoing, and others at the very beginning stages – its quite rewarding to be busy with work, not just monetarily of course, but professionally. For years, I was told that staying within one’s comfort zone was the safest and easiest way to make a living and provide. Nothing much was ever said about being happy – and definitely nothing at all about balancing work with personal/family time.


I’m glad that nonsense didn’t stick. I might have ended up in a dimly lit office in a basement somewhere with nothing to show for it but a bad reputation. I can’t even.


Several weeks ago, my wife suggested that I was starting to slide back into the routine of working too much – that I needed to unwind before stress got the better of me physically or mentally. She was right – and even though I am not typically a fun in the sun, lay out on the beach kinda guy, I went looking and found a fantastic deal for five days in the Bahamas, so I went ahead and booked it and told my wife we would be going away and to get her passport ready.


I decided to not take any work with me whatsoever – this would be a first for me – as I always take a little work just in case someone needs something from me, whatever that might be. Not this time.


Now I have been trying to make time to write this column every week, but work often gets in the way. Who wouldn’t love to have the opportunity to let loose and crack on about whatever you want? Well, last Monday I was sitting under a cabana on Cable Beach, my wife getting tanned, me getting sunburnt, and I thought about writing this column. Not about the house I sold that closed that afternoon back home, an appraisal report I needed to write, that new development project I am working on…I thought about the one thing that doesn’t stress me out.


That’s a nice feeling. So this week, instead of writing about how bad someone is (pick anyone from a number of nitwits in the city), what stupid banner is hanging up on City Hall or how much I am dying to make the time to see suicide squad, here I am, writing about how I managed to get away, recharge and how I realized for the first time in many years, that I don’t need to think about work when I am away on personal time – I can think about the things that make me smile – like my grandkids, my friends and writing this column. So I will keep on keeping on…some weeks it will be brutal, other weeks not so much – but I hope to always write something that will make someone, somewhere, think for a minute about something, even if it doesn’t have anything to do with goings-on in the ‘Ville. #GMK

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