Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Kieran BEE (Reckless Operation of Motor Vehicle, Poss. Class E, Poss. to Dist. Class E)

On Sunday June 26, 2016, while on full uniformed patrol, I (Officer Patrick Canty) was at the corner of Herbert Street and Chester Street, both public ways in the City of Somerville, when I observed a black sedan travel past me at an extremely high rate of speed above 50 mph. I immediately activated my emergency blue lights to conduct a motor vehicle stop. As I pulled on to Chester Street, the sedan was making a left hand turn on to Orchard Street, a public way in the City of Somerville. As I approached Orchard Street, I saw the black BMW had crashed into a city tree on to the sidewalk, and had become immobile.


The male driver, later identified as Kieran Bee, stepped out of the car reaching in his waist band. I immediately ordered him to show me his hands. He turned his body away from me and continued to reach in his waist band. I ordered him to show me his hands again. Mr. Bee did not comply with this lawful order. I approached him and took him to the ground with an arm bar take down. As I was gaining control of Mr. Bee, he continued to reach for his waist band. I had control of his right hand, and ordered him to give me his other hand. As he pulled his hand from under his body, he attempted to throw a clear plastic bag containing a white substance. Mr. Bee was unsuccessful in discarding the bag as it landed only a short distance from us. I was able to see that it was some sort of white pills.


As I was ordering Mr. Bee to comply with my commands, I noticed that the car had another occupant. The occupant stepped over the center console and tried to exit the car through the driver’s door. I ordered her to stay in the vehicle, she again tried to exit. At this point, Officer McCarey had arrived as back up and was able to gain control and detain the female passenger, identified as XXXXX. XXXXX spoke with Officer McCarey and told him she had no idea what had happened. She stated, she was sleeping and woke up when they crashed. Officer McCarey stated she had no information pertaining to this incident.


I read Mr. Bee his Miranda rights from a card I keep in my chest pocket and he told me he understood his rights and would continue to talk to me. I asked him if there was anything else in his pants, and he stated a small bag of weed was tucked in his underwear. I attempted to remove the marijuana, and immediately noticed that the baggie did not feel like marijuana, and felt like numerous pills. I told him that it wasn’t Marijuana. Mr. Bee stated “oh the weed must be in the car, that is more Xanax.” I instructed him to remove the bag from his underwear. He then removed a small bag containing 6 White pills marked Xanax, and handed it to me. I also collected the first bag that contained 32 white pills marked Xanax.


I called for EMS to check both parties since they were in the accident. While waiting for EMS, I asked Mr. Bee what was going on and he stated she wanted Xanax. We were arguing over the Xanax. I asked him why he was driving like that, because it was so close to Davis Square and so many people were out walking around he put a lot of people in danger. Mr. Bee stated it was because he was mad, and they were arguing. 


EMS and Somerville Fire responded, and medically cleared both parties involved in the accident with medical refusals. As both parties were being treated, I did a visual search of the car, and in plain view was a small bag of green leafy substance, which Mr. Bee stated was weed. Mr. Bee stated everything that was recovered was not his. I then asked if it was the female passenger’s, and he stated no, don’t get her in trouble please, she didn’t do anything.” I said then whose is it, and he said its mine for personal use. I asked why it is packaged like that? Usually that means you’re dealing. Mr. Bee nodded his head to me, then said I’m not talking anymore. At this time I ended my conversation with Mr. Bee.


Mr. Bee was transported by the transport wagon Unit 200(Officer Dottin) and booked per the usual manner, by the Commander (LT William Rymill). XXXXX was released at the scene.


Pats Tow Company was called to remove the car from the sidewalk. During an inventory of the motor vehicle, 3 cell phones were found and I will be seizing and requesting a warrant as part of the drug investigation. Nothing else of value was discovered. Once the car was removed from the sidewalk, Officer’s noticed Mr. Bee had destroyed a City Of Somerville parking sign, and did significant damage to the tree that he crashed in to. I Issued Mr. Bee a criminal citation for the driving charges, 90/24 Negligent Operation, 89/9 Stop Sign Violation, 90/17 Speeding 50 in a 30mph zone (Greater than Reasonable).


Respectfully submitted,



Officer Patrick Canty 306

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